#RSPCAPetPeeves: Still Life in the Old Dog Yet

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that one of my lovely dogs, Jazz has been rather under the weather. In fact, he was so poorly that we actually said heartbreaking goodbyes to him on two separate occasions, thinking he wouldn't be coming back from the vets. We were all absolutely devastated but in agreement that we'd give him the best chance of life but if he was suffering, we'd have to let him go. Miraculously, Jazz seems to have made a fantastic recovery over the last week or so and proved that there's still life in the old dog yet. He's lost quite a bit of weight through being poorly with a very nasty infection but his appetite is back and he seems a lot more like his old self. We're so thankful that we get to spend a little longer with our beautiful dog, who we've had for twelve years. He's such a massive part of our family and it's certainly made me realise that I need to treasure him even more.

A shoulder to cry on
One of the things I love most about Jazz is how caring he is. He's extremely loving and if you're at all upset, he comes running to you, beside himself with worry. You can have a good old cry on him and he'll always make you feel tons better. Sure you might get snuffled a bit but it's so worth it! 

Did somebody call the fun police?
Something else I love about him is that he likes to keep us all in check, which is so, so funny. He's quite bossy and will make it known if he's not impressed with you. If you're having too much of a good time, he'll bark at you (we like to call him the fun police) and he's forever keeping our rescue dog Oby (more about him in a minute) in line.

He's a neat freak
Jazz also tidies up after Oby and has a habit of putting all of his toys away in the basket - even if he's not quite finished playing with them. It's so amusing to watch...who needs TV when you have dogs?!

All about Oby...
Like Jazz, Oby is a German Shepherd Border Collie Cross. We believe he's nine years old - even though he acts like a puppy most of the time! We rescued Oby three years ago (you can read all about that in this post) and despite everything he went through in the past; he's a very loving dog and has become an important part of our family. Something I love about Oby is how 'doggy' he is. Whereas Jazz has some quite human-like traits, Oby is all dog. He loves nothing more than a good old game of tug of war and enjoys racing Jazz up the local trail...although poor old Jazz isn't really up to it right now!

Love me, love me, say that you love me
Oby can be a bit of a diva too. Obviously Jazz has required a lot more attention recently with being poorly and so Oby has been quite the sulky Sue. He needs constant love and attention and will even sigh if he's not getting what he wants. It's probably something to do with the fact he was treated so poorly by previous owners but luckily for Oby, we have plenty of love to go around. Even when he's having a sulk you can always win him over with a belly rub.

Over the last three years Jazz and Oby have become brothers and I can't tell you how happy I am that Jazz seems to be recovering because I think Oby would feel pretty lost without him - we all would. If you are a dog owner or any pet owner, I'm sure you'll be able to relate to that. Pets are such a big part of our lives aren't they?

The reason I've been babbling on about my fur babies today is that I'm taking part in the #RSPCAPETPEEVES campaign. This campaign is all about encouraging pet owners to get their pets insured. As a family that has just had a pretty poorly doggy and racked up some hefty vet bills, we can tell you first hand just how valuable pet insurance is. It's so worth it, not only in terms of saving yourself money if your pet needs treatment but actually being able to get them the help they need to recover. The RSPCA works closely with More Th>n Pet Insurance, so if you still need to get your pet insured, it's definitely worth considering the packages they offer.

Do you have a pet? Are they insured?
Tell me about them in the comments below 
& share your stories on Twitter using the hashtag #RSPCAPETPEEVES 
Disclaimer: Jazz & Oby will be receiving a hamper from the RSPCA as a thank you for sharing their stories!
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Tips for Planning a Low Key Baby Shower

It's been a year since I started planning my baby shower and with my birthday in a couple of weeks (the day it was hosted on) and Arthur's 1st birthday just a few weeks after, it's something that I've been thinking about a lot. My baby shower was a sweet, simple and meaningful celebration. I kept it low key - opting to invite only my closest friends and also inexpensive. It was a lovely, special day and so I thought I'd share a few tips for those wanting to plan their own low key, budget friendly baby shower...

1. Forget all the rules
I think it's some sort of baby shower etiquette that you don't host your own baby shower and that a friend or family member does it for you. Well, I say, if you want to host your own baby shower and tailor it to your liking - forget all the rules and go for it. That way, it'll be exactly how you want it to be.

2. Keep your invite list small
If you want a low key baby shower then stick to inviting your most important people - family, best friends, you know...the people that really matter. I loved having a small, intimate gathering with my best friends. We don't all live close by anymore so it gave us the perfect excuse to catch up and celebrate together. Obviously a small invite list will help to drive down your costs if you're providing food too.

3. Do a buffet and make your own cakes
It's not a wedding so you don't need a formal sit down meal. Baby showers are all about easy snacks, buffet food and plenty of cake. Buffet food is cheap and cheerful and it always goes down a treat. My mum bless her, made all of my baby shower cakes and sandwiches in the early hours of the morning (despite it being her birthday too - the epitome of 'made with love') and they were beautiful.

Side tip - accept all the help you can get! You'll be tired enough as it is being pregnant, so if your family or friends offer to help you do the food or get set up, say YES. YES PLEASE. My mum and dad were amazing and my best friend Liz was also wonderful helping me get everything ready.

4. Look for decorations on eBay and Amazon
There are loads of great websites and online boutiques selling baby shower decorations but a lot of them are pricey. If you are looking to keep your baby shower budget friendly then search for baby shower decorations on eBay and Amazon instead. I found sellers on both sites with very similar (some even the same) decorations but for a fraction of the price. eBay sellers often offer free delivery too! I also bought things like sweetie bags and popcorn boxes, which were a nice touch to my baby shower buffet.

5. Scrap the baby shower games (if you want to)
Although I would happily join in with someone else's baby shower games, they weren't something I wanted to play at my own baby shower. Trying fake poo and guessing what it is and pinning the sperm on the egg just don't really do it for me...but again, there's no real judgment here! As I was saying before, I wanted to spend quality time with my best friends and talk all things baby, so I decided to scrap the baby shower games altogether.

I did decide to hand out some baby prediction cards for my friends to fill in, which was pretty fun. No one actually guessed anything right but they've made a nice addition to Arthur's memory box. I know some people like to get their guests to write a message for their baby's time capsule or sign a guest book,  both of which are lovely ideas. Baby shower activities don't have to make you cringe!

So there are a few simple tips for those who want a low key and budget friendly baby shower. It's your special day, so there's nothing wrong with taking control of the planning or going against tradition. There's no right or wrong way to plan a baby shower and as long as you have a lovely time, then you've done a good job!

Did you have a baby shower or are you planning one?
Tell me about it in the comments below.
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My 5 Weaning Favourites

I've been weaning Arthur for nearly five months now so I thought I'd share some of our favourite weaning products. Whether you go down the puree or BLW route or a combination of the two (which was my chosen 'weaning method') I'm sure you'll find some of these useful too...

1. Cosatto 3Sixti Highchair in Strudel
A highchair of some sort is a weaning essential and after numerous recommendations I chose the Cosatto 3Sixti Highchair in the Strudel design. We’ve been using this highchair since Arthur started weaning (a week or so before he turned 6 months) and I’m so impressed with it. Not only does it have a bright, fun and colourful design but it’s also really sturdy so you feel confident your baby won’t be able to somehow knock it over. It rotates 360 degrees so you can swivel it round and the trays are removable allowing for up to the table feeding. It can also be used at different heights with an easy gas-lift button that you press with your foot and has three reclining positions.

The 3Sixti Highchair is really easy to wipe clean and has removable straps that I pop in the washing machine for a deeper clean when necessary. The only thing I would say is that it’s quite heavy to move from room to room (though it does have little rollers) but again, I think it’s heaviness is a reflection of how sturdy and safe it is. Oh and I forgot to mention it has a five-point harness and seat pummel to stop your little one from wriggling out too!

When dining out I tend to use the highchairs available for Arthur but if they're unsuitable or unavailable the Totseat saves the day!

2. Tommee Tippee Easy Drink Sippee Cup
Arthur's tried a few different beakers since he started sipping water at meal times but he seems most taken with the Tommee Tippee Easy Drink Sippee Cup. This beaker comes with removable easy-grip handles and a removable non-spill valve. It's recommended that you let babies learn to drink free-flow without the non-spill valve but when you're out and about or don't want to get liquid everywhere it's definitely a useful thing to have in the beaker! It's BPA-free, dishwasher proof and can be sterilised too.

3. Tommee Tippee Easy Scoop Feeding Bowls & Explora Feeding Spoons
If you're coming up to the time where you'll be weaning your baby, I definitely recommend looking at the Tommee Tippee range. They're my go-to brand for feeding spoons* as Arthur seems to prefer eating his cereal and yoghurt off them. I think their Easy Scoop Feeding Bowls* are great too. They can be stacked for easy storage and are designed to make it easy for you to scoop up puree onto the spoon. You can also buy ones with lids, which are great for taking out and about with you.

4. Vital Baby Prep and Go Food Pots
These weaning pots from Vital Baby are great if you're going out and need to pack food for your baby or you're portioning out food to pop in the fridge or freezer. They have a secure clip-on lid and are BPA-free. You can pick up a multi-pack for around £4.99 so the pots are very reasonably priced too.

5. GumiGem Silicone Dapper Bibs
If there's one piece of advice I'd give a mama about to wean her baby, it'd be prepare for mess and a lot of it. Those cute little dribble bibs you were putting on your little one to catch their milk are no good for weaning - trust me, they'll be destroyed within minutes! Instead, you need something a little more practical and robust in order to keep your little one's favourite outfits free from the brightest coloured staining you'll ever see.

My favourite bibs to put on Arthur are the ones that are made from BPA-free silicone. They're easy to wipe after use, can be put in the dishwasher for a deep clean and often come with a crumb catcher, which works a treat at scooping up missed mouthfuls. Most of the crumb catcher bibs out there are fairly plain in design but if you're looking for something a little more fun for your baby to wear, take a look at the Bling and Dapper Bibs by GumiGem*. Featuring necklace and tie designs, these handy crumb-catcher bibs are anything but boring and ideal for messy meal times. Arthur looks absolutely adorable in his Dapper Bibs and I love that they can be rolled to minimise space in your changing bag when you're out and about.

I was recently asked to become one of GumiGem's brand ambassadors so be sure to look out for my social media posts featuring their bibs and teething jewellery, as well as some upcoming blog posts. They've also just re-launched their website, so head on over to see their fun, baby-friendly products for yourself!

What are your favourite weaning products?
*PR Items
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Homemade ice cream with the Savisto Ice Cream Maker

Summer's nearly over but that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy a tasty ice cream and here in the Hunt household, we've been having a go at making our own with the Savisto Ice Cream Maker*. For some reason, I always thought making ice cream would be quite difficult but having the machine makes it super easy.

The Savisto Ice Cream Maker comes with a 1.5 litre freezing bowl, a large funnel allowing you to add ingredients whilst the mixture is churning, a digital time display and a booklet featuring 133 homemade ice cream recipes. I think it's a lovely sleek and compact design, not taking up too much worktop space at all.

After browsing the recipe book, I decided to make a simple strawberry ice cream. It's my mum's favourite flavour and I thought it was a good one to start with as it required minimal ingredients and effort. The night before I put the removable bowl in a bag in the freezer so it would be ready the next day - an important step to remember, as the bowl must be frozen for around 12 hours prior to use.

The strawberry ice cream recipe in the Savisto book was very easy to follow. All you had to do was puree your strawberries and then mix them together in the bowl with the cream and sugar. There wasn't any cooking or chilling involved in this recipe but others in the book are more complex and elaborate.

Once it was all mixed together nicely, I popped it into the frozen bowl, pushed in the paddle, locked the top on and set the timer for 30 minutes. Admittedly, I had no idea if this was the right time to churn the ice cream for, as the recipe book said to go with the manufacturer's instructions and I couldn't seem to find the right time in there either but thankfully 30 minutes was perfect! You can actually churn for up to 40 minutes or reduce the time using the button on the digital screen in five minute intervals.

Something else I really liked about the machine was that it wasn't too noisy. The noise it made was low-level so you could get on and do other things in the mean time without it bothering you.

Once the thirty minutes was up, I transferred the ice cream into a Tupperware container and put it in the freezer. I was seriously impressed with how the ice cream had turned out - it was lovely and vibrant in colour and soft to scoop. My homemade strawberry ice cream also got a big thumbs up when it came to trying the ice cream...now strawberry ice cream isn't my favourite but even I thought it tasted good! My mum and dad absolutely loved it and said it tasted as good as the ice cream you buy in the little shops on holiday!

Cleaning the machine was also very straight forward. I simply waited for it to return to room temperature and then hand washed it with a cloth. The entire process of preparing, using and cleaning the Savisto Ice Cream Machine is quick, easy and fuss-free - just what you want from a home kitchen appliance. I can't wait to try some of the more complex recipes in the book - I'm thinking it's gonna have to be a butterscotch or salted caramel ice cream next as they're my favourite flavours!

At £34.99 (was £44.99) the Savisto Ice Cream Maker is extremely well priced and perfect for those wanting to try their hand at making ice cream at home. Although it doesn't have an internal freezing mechanism like some of the more expensive machines, I really don't think freezing the bowl is an inconvenience and the machine itself does everything you need it to do. It makes a great amount of ice cream with it's 1.5 litre capacity and I'm sure it's going to get plenty of use in the Hunt household!

*PR Item
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5 More Things I've Learnt About Breastfeeding

It’s been a few months since I wrote my 8 things I’ve learnt about breastfeeding so far post and now that I’ve been breastfeeding for 10 months, I thought I’d share another five things I’ve learnt. So let’s kick things off with the thing most breastfeeding mums dread…those little teggies (or teeth to you normal people).

They don’t bite…much
Arthur has had four teeth for a good few months now and I’ve got to say, it’s not really impacted breastfeeding that much for me. I’m not going to lie, there have been a couple of times where Arthur’s clamped down on my boob and it’s been painful enough to make my eyes stream with tears BUT it doesn’t happen all of the time. I tend to find it a little uncomfortable when a new teggie is coming through but apart from that, the teeth haven’t been much of an issue at all! Breastfeeding a baby with teeth isn’t half as scary as it sounds.

It gets easier
A few months into weaning Arthur and I’m finding breastfeeding is so much easier. I’m still feeding on demand but because Arthur is enjoying solids too, he’s going longer between feeds. I’ve also found that he’s much more efficient when he feeds, so they’re quicker.

I can feed pretty much anywhere in any top
I’ve never been that self-conscious about breastfeeding in public but I guess before I’d like to make sure I was wearing an appropriate feeding top so I could be as discreet as possible. Now I wear what I want and just make it work because let’s face it, nursing tops can get a little boring! I can also feed Arthur pretty much anywhere. It’s nice having the confidence to do that and not really worry about what anyone else is thinking. If Arthur needs his milk that’s exactly what he gets!

Older babies get more distracted
Even though Arthur still loves his milk, I have found that the older he gets, the more distracted he is, especially if there’s a lot going on around him. For example, if he hears a voice he recognises during a feed or a theme tune on the TV, he’ll look up, causing my streaming flow of breast milk to go everywhere…fun times...well actually, soggy times. Feeding in a quiet place is so much easier – but not always possible!

I still love it
Ten months of breastfeeding and I still love it. Even though it’s something I do a few times every day (and night – yep he still wakes for night feeds!) I still enjoy the special moments and closeness with my son. Breastfeeding is something I don’t take for granted because I know that it’s something that some women would love to experience with their children but can’t for one reason or another. It’s also something I’m proud of because there have been times where it’s been very hard and I’ve really had to work at it, especially in the very beginning when Arthur was jaundice and losing weight.

In my last post about breastfeeding I said that I was only planning on doing it until Arthur turned one. Well, over the last couple of months I’ve decided that it’s not something I want to put an end date on. I’m in no rush to give up breastfeeding and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to continue doing it until Arthur naturally drops his feeds.

Are you breastfeeding and relating to any of these things?
 I’d love to hear from you so feel free to share experiences in the comments below!

A little note: These are my breastfeeding experiences and I understand that it's different for all mamas. This post isn't intended to offer advice - it's just about sharing my own experience of breastfeeding so far and what I've learnt from it.
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Dine with Totseat

Today I wanted to share a post about a fantastic product that I know other parents will LOVE.

But before we get onto it, let’s start by talking about just how rubbish most highchairs are when you’re dining out at a pub, restaurant or café. I don’t know about you but most of the time they give you those awful wooden ones sans-tray. I wouldn’t mind the fact they don’t have a tray if they were table height but most of the time that isn’t the case! And the majority don’t come with any padded inserts so you find that your little six month old is wobbling about all over the place – so much so that you may as well just keep them on your knee!

Then there’s the dining establishments that have filthy highchairs…I’m not the type of mum that anti-bac-wipes everything but seriously, some restaurants could really do with cleaning their highchairs between uses if the parent hasn’t bothered to!

Finally there are the establishments that don’t seem to have enough highchairs to accommodate every child. Again – not in the least bit helpful for a parent who is trying to enjoy a meal out with their little one.

So this brings me onto the fantastic product that seems to solve all of these dining out niggles and that’s the Totseat*. This lovely little product was sent over for Arthur to try and honestly, it’s so useful! It’s basically a travel-friendly, portable fabric highchair that you can take along to restaurants, pubs and cafes to use on one of their chairs. It turns pretty much any style of dining chair into a safe, practical and comfortable highchair for your little one.

The Totseat is lightweight and pocket-sized so you can throw it in your baby changing bag to take with you and it’s also machine washable so you don’t have to worry about it getting covered in food. It’s super easy to attach to chairs and sort of looks like a big nappy for your baby! I was initially worried that Arthur would wriggle out but because the Totseat goes up to his chest, around his armpits and fastens just above his head, there’s no chance! I feel like I can relax while he’s in his Totseat because not only is he perfectly safe but also very content. I think he feels like he's less restrained than in a traditional highchair and sees the Totseat as something fun.

If you want more information about the Totseat and how it works, I suggest visiting their website and having a good old read when you get a minute. My Totseat now lives in my changing bag so it’s always there just-in-case but I’ve also used it at home as Arthur has fussy days where he doesn’t want to sit in his other highchair. It’s such a useful product and one I’ll definitely be recommending to other mamas.

You can use the Totseat when your baby can sit up unaided – usually around 6 months give or take and it’s suitable for using until they’re 30 months old, so Arthur will definitely be getting plenty of use out of ours yet!

Be sure to check out the #DineWithTotseat hash tag on Instagram to see the Totseat in action.

What do you think of the Totseat?
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Skincare that doesn't cost a small fortune

As important as it is to take care of your skin, I have never been able to, or even wanted to, justify spending a small fortune on premium brands. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with other people doing it (you do you and all that...) but luxury skincare just isn't for me. Now I have Arthur to look after, I'm more reluctant to spend money on things that I don't really need. For me skincare is an essential but there are some fantastic budget-friendly ranges out there, with one of my favourites being Botanics.

Botanics is a Boots brand specialising in organic, natural skincare, as well as bath and body products. They work closely with Royal Botanic Gardens Kew to carefully select natural plant extracts that benefit each skin type and even better - they are committed to sustainable sourcing and do not test on animals.

Botanics has created a number of different ranges to suit various skin types. My favourite, as you can see from the product selection above is the All Bright range. Anything that makes my skin look more radiant and awake gets a big thumbs up from me! The All Bright range has been developed for normal to dry skin; making use of Hibiscus Flowers, rich in alpha hydroxy acids. They exfoliate and renew the skin's surface to help create a more radiant complexion.

I am currently using three cleansing products from the Botanics All Bright range - the Gentle Cleansing Cream, 3-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Solution and Cleansing Face Wipes. The Cleansing Cream, which is currently just £1.99 (usually £3.99) is great for removing heavier base makeup but I always like to use the Micellar Water (on offer at £2.25 from £4.49) afterwards to double cleanse. This product is much better for removing eye makeup. In the past I've been a bit of a face wipe snob but now I'm a mum, I'm far less fussy! The Cleansing Face Wipes (£1.74 down from £3.49) are great for lazy makeup removal on those I-NEED-MY-BED-NOW evenings.

Funnily enough, the toner I bought wasn't actually from the All Bright range but the Organic range instead. The reason being that it came in spritz form! The Botanics Organic Rosewater Spritz (£3.99 down from £5.99) is designed to tighten the pores, whilst also removing any last traces of makeup. It feels so refreshing and is actually my favourite skincare step.

Once I've cleansed and toned, I like to use the All Bright Radiance Concentrate Serum (£3.49 down from £6.99) to energise and brighten my complexion. This is a really lightweight serum and a little goes a long way - I only tend to use three drops morning and evening. The serum comes with a dropper so you can pop it exactly where you want it - avoiding the sensitive eye area. Of course, you don't want to leave the eye area out so for that I use the Botanics All Bright Refreshing Eye Roll On (£4.37 down from £8.75). This eye gel is designed to cool, refresh and help reduce the appearance of dark circles by hydrating the under eye area. Again, I feel like this product makes such a big difference to my skin - the only downside is that you really need to leave it to sink in or it'll make any makeup you apply over the top crumble away.

The final step of my skincare routine is to moisturise. In the mornings I use the Botanics All Bright Hydrating Day Cream SPF15 (£2.49 was £4.99). This is a lightweight moisturiser but that doesn't mean it doesn't pack a punch in terms of hydration. I notice immediate results in terms of how smooth and moisturised my skin feels after applying this and love that it contains SPF15 to help protect my skin from the sun. It's worth noting that the products in the All Bright range containing AHAs can increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun, so it's important to apply an SPF to protect it. In the evening I switch the day cream for the Botanics All Bright Hydrating Night Cream (£2.49 was £4.99). As you may have guessed, this is much thicker in consistency and richer in terms of it's moisturising properties.

I have been using these skincare products from Botanics for around a month now and I feel like they've made a big difference to my complexion - so much so that I never apply more than a lightweight BB cream and a little concealer these days. I've never really enjoyed wearing foundation so this is a huge plus for me. I also feel like my skin looks much more radiant in the mornings when I wake up and even though I'm up at least a couple of times every night with Arthur, I don't think I look half as tired as I should! For tired mums with babies that don't like to sleep, this skincare range is a real winner.

In terms of price, I cannot fault Botanics. I bought all of these at sale price (varying slightly from the prices shared in this blog post) and spent just over £20.00. Considering that some luxury skincare products cost three times that, I'd say I did pretty well! I'm not saying that it's on par with luxury skincare - I couldn't possibly tell you seeing as I don't have the means to compare them BUT what I can tell you is that the products are natural, effective and affordable. The Botanics products are everything I want from a budget-friendly skincare range and it's a brand I'll be repurchasing from again and again in the future.

Are you a fan of Botanics?
Where do you stand on budget friendly vs luxury skincare?
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Storing Memories in Style with Pen Heaven

As much as I love being able to take endless photos on my digital camera, save them on my Macbook and upload them to various social media sites, I still get so much enjoyment out of creating photo albums and scrapbooks. Looking through albums filled with photographs from my childhood is one of my favourite things to do and now I'm a mum myself, I want to share that experience with Arthur (when he's a little older) too. Scrolling through them on a digital device is great but there's just something a little more special about having actual prints to view in a beautiful photo album.

Over the years I've built up a collection of photo albums and memory boxes but none so special as this gorgeous Turquoise Leather Photo Album from Pen Heaven. Handmade in Italy, this genuine leather photo album provides the perfect place for me to store snapshots of Arthur's childhood for us both to look back on in years to come. The quality of the photo album is exceptional and I've no doubt that it'll stand the test of time.

With fifty pages (each with their own protective overlay) there's plenty of room for lots of gorgeous photographs of Arthur. I thought I'd start filling the photo album with some of my Inkifi prints. I wanted to start from the very beginning - when Arthur was still a bump, so I've chosen some of my favourite pregnancy photos for page one. Seeing as this is a traditional photo album, there isn't any pockets so you have to stick the photographs in yourself, either by using photo corners or like me, you can just use a dab of glue!

Aside from the striking turquoise colour, the thing I love most about this photo album from Pen Heaven is that it has my son's name embossed on it. I think it's such a special thing and a lovely personal touch if you are buying it as a gift for someone else, perhaps for a christening or birthday. Embossing your photo album costs a little extra but if you're buying a luxury personal gift like a Saffiano Leather Photo Album*, it will add the perfect finishing touch.

Speaking of finishing touches - the Saffiano Leather Photo Album is presented in a lovely cream box and there's also the option of having it gift wrapped. Pen Heaven beautifully gift wrapped our photo album and it really made all the difference to the opening experience.

If you are looking for a special gift for a friend or a family member, Pen Heaven has a lovely selection of photo albums, journals and travel accessories to choose from, each of which can be personalised. There's something for all budgets and free tracked delivery on all UK orders.

I'm looking forward to filling up our photo album with lots of our memories to reminisce over in the future and I hope creating photo albums and scrapbooks is something we'll continue to do together when Arthur's old enough.

Do you still use photo albums now everything's online?
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Jumping on the Baking Bandwagon

I've always had a sweet tooth and been a huge cake lover but only recently have I tried my hand at baking and do you know what, I LOVE IT. I'm no Mary Berry and I'm certainly not Bake Off worthy but I just get so much enjoyment out of it and feel I've finally found another hobby I love - in addition to blogging of course!

With this in mind, I thought it'd be fun to do a few baking-themed posts here and there. We all know I don't do blog scheduling but I'd love to share some recipe ideas, baking wish lists and baking hauls here and there.

For now though, I thought I'd share a super quick Cheese Scone recipe. These have gone down a treat in the Hunt household! Arthur even likes them and I feel happy knowing the exact ingredients that have gone into making them.

What you'll need...
8oz Self Raising Flour
2oz Unsalted Butter
1oz  Mature Cheddar Cheese
150ml of Milk
Pinch of Salt

How to make cheese scones...
1. Pre-heat your oven to 220c and line a baking tray with lightly greased parchment paper
2. Pop the flour into a large mixing bowl and stir in a pinch of salt
3. Add the butter and rub it into the flour with your hands
4. Stir in your cheese and pour in the milk
5. Mix together to create a soft dough
6. Pour a little flour onto a clean work surface and begin lightly kneading your dough
7. Pat it gently into a rounded shape and cut out as many scones as you can - kneading and re-shaping the dough in between (I use a 2 inch circular cutter but you could do it without a cutter for a more rustic look!)
8. Brush the tops of your scones with a little milk
9. Place in the oven for 12 minutes. Your scones should have risen and have a lovely golden appearance
10. Cool them on a wire rack and then serve with butter!

It's such a simple recipe but trust me, cheese scones are so tasty and perfect for lunch and snacks. I usually make around ten scones with the recipe above but you may be able to make more or less, depending on the size of the cutter you choose.

I hope you've enjoyed my first baking post. I'm really looking forward to exploring this new topic on Seek My Scribbles!

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