It's that time of year again when I start looking for a good pair of flat boots for the A/W seasons! Last year I became very attached to a pair of faux-fur boots from New Look which mostly kept me warm in the winter, apart from when it was snowing, and I also wore a pair of tan ankle boots which James had bought me the Autumn before, from H&M. 

I always find it hard to like any boots when I'm looking at them online, as I always think they look an odd shape and don't appear as nice as when you see them in-store. I think I'll definitely have to take myself on a little shopping trip when I have some more money. Hurry up October!

I'm quite liking these ASOS APACHE Shearling Cuff Ankle Boots, very decently priced at £30!
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And I love love love these High Leg Boots from New Look, but sadly don't think I should be buying boots with a heel as I've already got an amazing ASOS lace-up pair that I struggle to walk in. Boo :(

Any suggestions?
(Apart from UGGs 'cus I think they're UGGLY...and over priced)

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