Moving house

Luckily it's not me moving this time, it's my parents, but it's been equally, if not more stressful! I've been packing all day today, and yesterday which is why I've had absolutely no time to blog :(
It's also my 21st on Monday and I'm starting back at university, oh and I've got a second job! Crazy Times!
I'm hoping I'll squeeze in a proper post over the weekend.

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Boudoir Privé Box - September '11

I have been so excited for the past few days waiting to receive my beauty box, since Boudoir Privé sent an email saying that the boxes were dispatched on Monday. I think my friend Katie has been equally as excited to see what I got in my box, so we could compare it to what she received in her Glossy Box!

I have to say, I absolutely love the packaging. It's classy, sophisticated and best of all, that gorgeous sugary pink colour. I love the little details like the pink ribbon, down to the little hand-mirror sticker that secures the tissue paper. Just gorgeous.

I wasn't disappointed by the contents either! I didn't really know what to expect, having never subscribed to a beauty box before, but having read mixed reviews of the previous Boudoir Privé box I thought I'd sign up for the September box (with a half price for the first month code) and see what they had to offer for myself! 

Inside the box:

1. Colber MD Nourish: Eye Cream (apparently a brand favoured by both Kate Middleton and Sienna Miller) 

2. Zoya Nail Polish from their A/W 11 Smoke & Mirros Collection

3. Cargo Cosmetics Boogie Nights Eye Pencil

4. Tropic Skincare Body Smooth (Tropic Skincare is founded by Susan Ma who was on the latest series of the Apprentice - and had flawless skin!)

5. Agent Provocateur L'Agent (Perfume Tester)

6. Macadamia Hair Repair (Oil Treatment)

Boudoir Privé also included a Zoya Nail Polish 'colour wheel' & a Blot & Bronze paper by Mai Couture.

Now obviously as I haven't tried all of the products yet (having received them today) and I am not a beauty blogger or expert  so I can't go into a lot of detail about them, but here's what I can share with you...

This is the body polish by Tropic Skincare (think Susan Ma) and it's simply lovely. It is a lemon-yellow colour, and too smells of zesty lemon, which already lets you know that it's going to be refreshing for your skin, before you've even tried it. With this little tester product I rubbed a bit into my hands (for 20 seconds as it said in the info) and then rinsed them with warm water, and patted them dry. It is very similar to a salt scrub (but feels gentler) and leaves your skin feeling smooth and soothed. I am definitely going to look into Tropic Skincare products as I love that it's made from 100% natural ingredients.

First of all let me apologise for the not-so-pretty nails, I have been cleaning my house all day so they're not at their best - definitely need to keep using the body polish from the box haha. Anyway...
I was sent the 'Marina' coloured Zoya Nail Polish, and it's such a gorgeous, shimmery, grey-blue colour. I don't own any dark nail polishes at the moment so this was a lovely treat for me. The nail polish paints on really easily, and the colour looked great with just one coat, but I put two on just to see if there was a difference in colour strength. I love that in the box you were also sent a Zoya Smoke & Mirrors colour-wheel-type-thing. You can place the colours over your nails to see if the colour would suit you before you purchase it. I've fallen in love with 'Jana' (top left) and 'Jem' (bottom right) and may have to treat myself to them when I can justify spending £9.98 on a bottle of nail polish.

To be honest I wasn’t too keen when I first applied the Agent Provocateur perfume to my wrist, as I felt like it was too strong, too sweet, and too much for me. However I’m often like that with perfumes, and decided to leave it for a while and then smell it later. I’ve just had a smell of it now, and it is gorgeous. The sweetness is still there, but it’s not strong or over-powering like a granny-perfume, it’s simply lovely. If I hadn’t already asked for Lola – Marc Jacobs for my birthday then I would definitely be tempted to try this one!

The three products above are the only ones I've tried so far, however I am very much looking forward to trying the eye cream and the oil hair treatment - as I'm always in need of something to sooth my hair! I think if I had to pick a least favourite thing in the box it would be the Boogie Nights Eye Pencil by Cargo. It just has a cheaper look to it than the rest of the products - snobby Megan speaking here and I was sent it in 'Silver' - which isn't usually an eye-liner colour I wouldn't normally wear - but I'm still gonna give it a go!

Overall I'm very impressed with my Boudoir Privé box! I was originally only planning on doing the first month as I could get it for £5, however I love the excitement of not knowing what you're going to get and the beautiful look of the box, as well as it's contents, so I'm just gonna have to stay subscribed :)

Looking forward to the next...


A long with the box they also sent three cards which had a code on that can be used to get half-price for the first month's subscription. The code is: 1BOX12
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Poorly sick

Severe sickness + shifts at work + messy house = lack of blogging.


Promise to post tomorrow! I have new New Look shoes to show you & I am awaiting my box from Boudoir Prive. Hoping it'll come tomorrow - I'm excited! xo

PS, I watched S301 of Vampire diaries and it was just as amazing as I had hoped it would be. Not gonna spoil incase people haven't seen it :) but lets just say Damon in bubbles...and just bubbles...

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Ian Somerhalder = Perfection.

Image belongs to The CW

Hoping to 'somehow' watch the first episode of Vampire Diaries Season 3 which is premièring in the US tonight. Excited....hopefully some naughty person will have uploaded it.

Sneaky Sneaky.

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Return of the fringe...

I finally had my hair cut the other day, after leaving it for far too long! It had grown a hell of a lot, and it had started to bug me. I unfortunately have that sort of hair where you just have to look at it and a knot will appear, because it's fine rather than thick. Even though I said I'd 'never have a fringe ever again' because they bug me, I (as usual) changed my mind and decided to go for a full fringe. I love it because it changes your face, and look completely. What do you think?

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It's that time of year again when I start looking for a good pair of flat boots for the A/W seasons! Last year I became very attached to a pair of faux-fur boots from New Look which mostly kept me warm in the winter, apart from when it was snowing, and I also wore a pair of tan ankle boots which James had bought me the Autumn before, from H&M. 

I always find it hard to like any boots when I'm looking at them online, as I always think they look an odd shape and don't appear as nice as when you see them in-store. I think I'll definitely have to take myself on a little shopping trip when I have some more money. Hurry up October!

I'm quite liking these ASOS APACHE Shearling Cuff Ankle Boots, very decently priced at £30!
Image belongs to

Image belongs to

And I love love love these High Leg Boots from New Look, but sadly don't think I should be buying boots with a heel as I've already got an amazing ASOS lace-up pair that I struggle to walk in. Boo :(

Any suggestions?
(Apart from UGGs 'cus I think they're UGGLY...and over priced)

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A peek ASOS saved items bag

ASOS Premium Brocade Dress in Fit and Flare  - I absolutely love the 'fit and flare' style dress, I own a black one and it's one of my absolute favourites.

Cath Kidston Shopper Bag - Hoping I'll definitely own this soon. I've been wanting a Cath Kidston bag for a while, I just can't resist the vintage floral print!

ASOS Pussybow Dress with Gathered Cuffs - not usually the sort of dress I'd go for, but I saw this and fell in love with the colour.

ASOS One Shoulder Drape Dress with Contrast Belt - I really love one shoulder dresses, and designs that nip in at the waist. The colour really caught my eye because I don't own many green items!

ASOS Collar Button Top - pretty colour, absolutely love the collar & button - very cute

ASOS Shift Dress with Button Neck - I normally shy away from red because it's so bright, but I love this sixties style shift dress, and it'd be ideal as I can wear it with black tights!
Images belong to

James is going away for a few days and I feel a little bit sad as we've not spent many nights away from each other since getting together three years ago (I know what you're thinking - get a grip girl!)...Anyway to to cheer myself up I thought I'd have a browse through the gorgeous items ASOS have to offer and put my favourites safely into my saved items for when I have a few more pennies...or if anyone fancies treating me for my 21st birthday next month? Ha!
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Missing you

I've not yet been away from James 24 hours and I already miss him! Keeping myself busy with work tomorrow and Saturday, and then it's my friend's gorgeous little boy's christening on Sunday, so that will cheer me up!

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Models Own Fuzzy Peach

Fuzzy Peach, Juicy Jules, Scarlett Sparkle, Raspberry Crush & Pink Blush
I’m in love. It’s been a long, long time since I've treated myself to a few new polishes, so when I found out that Models Own were having a 50% off sale, I couldn’t resist! I was so excited when I got in last night and saw the box on the side and knew that the first thing I’d do in the morning was try one out.
 I decided to go for ‘Fuzzy Peach’ as it matched the colour of the flowers on the dress I’d chosen to wear today. I glammed them up a bit by doing a silver glitter stripe across each nail, with one of the nail art pens that I’ve also bought recently. It’s a very simple design as I am absolutely awful at nail art, but practice makes perfect! I’ve never bought nail varnishes by ‘Models Own’ before, and I have to say that I am very impressed. All of the colours look how I expected them to after seeing them on the website and I love that the nail varnish go on really easy and aren't overly gloopy. The packaging is simple but stylish – definitely a brand that I will be buying from again in the near future!
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Models Own Sale Picks

I was so excited when Katie bbm'd me today with this picture showing our Models Own nail varnishes had finally arrived! We had a little bit of trouble ordering them as the company seemed to be having a mini-crisis but we're very pleased that they've sent all of the colours that we ordered. My chosen colours were: Fuzzy Peach, Scarlett Sparkle, Juicy Jules, Raspberry Crush and I purchased Pink Blush for my mum. The rest are all Katie's she couldn't resist treating herself to a few more! Definitely going to paint my nails as soon as Katie drops them round tomorrow evening. Pictures to follow!

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