New listings: Megan Jane Jewellery

My latest makes! All available from

Rabbit Earrings
Silver plated, nickel free. I fell in love with these 3d charms and thought they'd be perfect for a sweet little pair of earrings.

Pearl Pendant. Gold Plated chain. Simple & classy with a vintage touch to it.

Pastel Flower Necklace featuring yellow swarovski crystals.
I absolutely love these pastel colours, which are right on trend (always a plus!)

Queen Bee Necklace featuring a red swarovski crystal, to add a touch of colour (I think it looks great against the gold colours).
Antique-gold coloured heart to add a vintage-y feel to the necklace.

Love Necklace.

Pastel Flower Bracelet. Similar style to the necklace, however it features more flowers and three different coloured crystals (blue, yellow and pink)

Hope you like my newbies, let me know which is your favourite! 

A couple more things...

I just wanted to say a quick Hello & Thank you to new people that have followed. I enjoy reading every single comment that people so kindly leave, and I always make sure I visit your blogs back! If anyone's going to the #ZOMGBLOGGERSBASH please tweet me (@meganjane03) or leave a comment on here. I got my invite this week, I'm so excited, but terrified at the same time, as I can get a little shy.

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