I'm always making little changes to my hair, going from a full fringe to side fringe, growing it  long and then cutting it off, but I hadn't coloured it in a good while, so thought I'd have a change. In a previous post I asked my lovely readers opinion on what colour I should dye it - copper or dip dye. I was already leaning towards going a gingery copper colour, and your comments confirmed that I should. Today I used a home dye hair kit for the first time - it was much easier than I thought it would be. I used L'OREAL Paris Sublime Mousse in Flaming Copper. I originally wanted to buy this dye but it was sold out in both the Boots stores I tried. I think I may try it sometime in the future though, as the colour looks amazing!

So here's the before and after pictures... (I haven't styled my hair or sorted my fringe out in either picture as I'm still trying to tame my fringe to the side, as it's grown out of it's full fringe cut.)

I think the colour has taken fairly well, and I don't think it looks too fake, as you can see different colour tones. I'm so pleased with the colour, and will no doubt intensify it and become more copper/ginger next time I dye it!

What do you think? It's nice to have a change right?

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