Where does the time go?

Black Dress - H&M / Pink Crop Jumper - New Look / Necklace - Megan Jane Jewellery
Had a bit of a sorting out day today - not in terms of tidying, but arranging  interviews for my news day package and Adoption documentary. I can't believe how fast time goes, I feel like I've barely been at University, and already I'll be graduating in July! Scary stuff. The 'OH MY GOD I NEED A JOB' panic came over me yesterday, (yes I'm afraid the capitals were necessary there,) but it's hard to really look for anything when I first need to concentrate on my documentary, essays and two exams that I are coming up. I'm still juggling Megan Jane Jewellery with my University work, so don't worry, I won't be closing.

I apologise for not doing the Window Shopping posts for the last couple of weeks. I did plan on doing them, but ended up failing to prepare anything for the Mondays, going to university, the gym, and finding myself completely worn out. I may do one tomorrow instead, so keep a look out!

Today I thought I'd just post a few pictures of my oh-so-casual outfit. My mum had bought herself a couple of jumpers from New Look, but didn't realise they were cropped, so has kindly passed them on to me. They're perfect for just throwing over a plain dress, or tucking into a high waisted skirt - so thanks mum! My tripod arrived today that I bought for the crappy-cam (my digital camera that is probably still full of sand) which has allowed me to take outfit pictures better. The image quality is still pretty shocking, but it'll just have to do until I'm a little bit richer :)

On a final note I've joined Hello Cotton so feel free to follow me on there!

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