Window Shopping - Dress Special

I think these four dresses are absolutely perfect for summer. The mint lace dress would be a lovely going out dress, and the black dress from Sugarlips would be perfect for a stroll a long the beach, and drinks at a beach side bar. I also love anything polka dot, so this strawberry pink dress really stood out for me. I think 1, 2 and 4 are versatile enough to wear all year round, as you could wear black tights with them and they'd still look gorgeous. I've been dying to buy a black maxi dress for ages but never get round to it, so this is a must buy for me this Spring/Summer! This black dress from Next has a falling piece of material down the front, and loose pleats, which is supposed to flatter your body shape - always a plus! If you've seen any gorgeous maxi dresses on the high street feel free to send me the links in the comments below. 

Which of these summer dresses is your favourite?

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