Megan Jane Jewellery store update

I thought I'd do a little post on my handmade jewellery today. I had planned to do a post about the Royals visit to Nottingham yesterday, however just as the Queen, Kate and William stepped out of the car, my camera battery decided it was time to die. Mega fail. It was a lovely event though, and well worth the couple of hours I spent waiting with two of my best friends Hannah and Eliza. My mum told me to take 'mental pictures' so I blinked, and I did.
Rose & Pearl Bracelets

Drink Me Necklace

Floral Birdcage Necklace

Touch my lips Retro Pendant 
Bow Tie Necklace
Aqua Rose Birdcage
Anyway, onto Megan Jane Jewellery! Some of you may have noticed that I have changed the backgrounds of my jewellery photos. I did originally have a pink candy stripe background, to match the bags I send out my jewellery in. However I noticed that quite a few small jewellery companies seemed to be using these bags, and I don't like to be doing the same thing as everyone else, so I'm making a few changes! I hope you like the new photos. I think they are better as you can see the jewellery and the colours more clearly. I also hope you love my latest pieces, including the two new floral birdcage designs. I do have more to make, including some pink ones, so keep an eye out for those!

I have many plans for Megan Jane Jewellery this Summer. I'd like to get a few pieces into a small boutique, do a craft fair, and organise a quirky photo shoot. Fingers crossed all will go to plan!

As always I'm open to suggestions, so if you have any ideas or would like to work with me please send me an email ( I do get a fair few requests from bloggers so unfortunately I can't work with everyone, however I promise that I always check out your blogs, and reply to all of my emails!

What do you think to the new pieces?


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