Whoever I was then, I can't ever be again

ASOS Boucle Mini Dress (Reduced to £18!)

Firstly I just want to apologise for the poor quality photographs. Out of all of the photos I took today, these were the best, which says a lot about the other photos (vom). The lighting in my room was so poor! I need the weather to get better so I can go back to taking my photos outside! Oh and James described my hair as 'nest-like' today...just the look I was going for. Anyway, enough complaining, I thought I'd show you one of my favourite dresses. I bought this one from ASOS, a little while ago. I love the 'retro' feel it has to it. It is pretty short, but I think it looks great with black tights and a pair of
heels / pumps. I've worn my good old nude heels in this photo. I can't wait to receive my new ones that I chose at the Nelly event in Nottingham last week - I will definitely post about them when they arrive!

Today I've been writing, applying for jobs and listing items on eBay - go have a peek if you're looking for a bargain :)

I've got my graduation on Thursday and I still don't really know what to wear. I've seen a lot of people are wearing short dresses and big heels, but I was thinking of wearing my black maxi dress and a pair of 'low heels' or flats, I don't want to trip up when I'm getting my certificate - that would not be a good way to end my time at University. I will be sure to post an outfit picture of what I wear (gown and hat included) at some point over the weekend.

What did you wear to your graduation? /  What are you going to wear if yours is this year?

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