Friday's Face

'Friday's Face' isn't a post that I'm going to do every week, maybe just on the odd occasions, when I particularly like my makeup, or perhaps have something new to try.

I'm not one of those girls with an extensive collection of makeup. If I had the money to spare I'm sure I would splash out on Mac, Nars and other higher end products, but at the moment I'm happy with drug store / high street brands. I love the Soap and Glory foundation and have actually reviewed it here. It provides quite a light coverage, which isn't for everyone, but I personally like the fact it isn't too heavy!

Like with many lower-end makeup brands, the products from ELF are a big hit and miss. I've had a fairly good experience so far with their eye shadows and blush, however I am not fond of some of their lip glosses. The lip stain I'm wearing is a lovely colour, but it isn't a product I'd buy again in the future. It smudges really easily and I think it's very difficult to apply. Unfortunately I've left my favourite lipstick at my parent's house so had to make do with this, to achieve the bright lip I desired today!

In terms of eye makeup I usually either wear brown / neutral eye shadow, or a pale coloured base with flicked black eye liner. I have been wearing black eyeliner since I was 16 and going through an 'emo' faze haha. It's something I can't ever imagine not wearing. I don't particularly rate the Rimmel Gel Eyeliner, however I'm trying to use it up before I purchase something else. It takes ages to dry, and if you are impatient you may find it prints onto the top of your eyelids - not a good look. I tend to put a little bit of liquid eyeliner on top (effort I know) to keep the product in place. I do think it offers a nice opaque black colour, when it actually stays in place! I always finish off my eyes by applying a couple of layers of mascara. At the moment I'm using a Benefit mascara that I got free with a magazine (a long with the rest of the blogging world I'm sure).

As I said this isn't going to be a weekly thing, I'll just do a 'Friday's Face' post on weeks when I feel like taking a photo of my face! I'm not a beauty expert nor do I have a very big collection of makeup - but I hope you enjoyed this post.


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