Christmas decorations for the home

This week has not gone well at all! I was looking forward to getting back to blogging properly but unfortunately I came down with a flu bug - so as you can image I haven't felt like doing much! I woke up looking like a vampire today (not the sexy kind) with a nasty eye infection, so it's fair to say I am les miserable.

I was a little cheered up when I was presented with my advent calendar this morning though (big kid at heart)! I have the Cadbury's Wishes one - which do you have? We're putting our Christmas decorations up tomorrow so look out for instagram pictures! (megan_jane03) My mum has bought some lovely snowflake lights for the kitchen windows, which inspired me to do a little Christmas decoration 'wish list' post. Enjoy!

Gold Glitter Lights // Reindeer Tree Decoration // Christmas Robin //
Maneki Neko Decoration // Mitten card clips // Christmas candles

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