Perfume Recommendations for Christmas

I love getting perfume for Christmas and I know a lot of other ladies do too, but it can be hard knowing what to choose unless you have your own signature scent that you buy every time you run out! The perfumes listed below are not necessarily the most fashionable at the moment but they are scents which I have tested and loved. If you are thinking of asking for perfume for Christmas I hope this gives you a little inspiration...
After trying a little tester bottle of Flower Bomb I knew I had to put it straight on my Christmas list. It is possibly the most beautiful perfume I have ever smelt! I also recommend both Lola and Coco Mademoiselle as they are both gorgeous perfumes with beautiful bottles. I have also popped 'Naughty Alice' by Vivienne Westwood on my list, which is a little risky as I haven't tried it, but I'm sure it'll be divine! Has anyone else tried Naughty Alice?
Unfortunately many designer perfumes are tested on animals so I thought I would include some cruelty-free perfumes from the Body Shop. As much as my mum loves designer perfume she has swapped to these beautiful fragrances from the Body Shop because they are not tested on animals. Both the Japanese Cherry Blossom and Indian Night Jasmine are light, floral and feminine, perfect for daytime wear.

Ok so these are not new perfumes, in fact they are ones that I wore when I was a little younger, but they are still scents that I love and would be perfect for younger girls. I think Baby Rose Jeans by Versace was perhaps my first ever proper perfume. It comes in a gorgeous frosted bottle and the scent (as far as I can remember) is very sweet! I think many places have stopped stocking it but I know you can still buy it online from websites like Amazon. I used to wear Sui Dreams by Anna Sui a few years back (I think I was probably 16 / 17) and it is a scent I still love today. My friend actually had a bottle in her room the other day and I got a little too excited, spraying it all over myself! Sui dreams is another sweet fragrance, but it has these dreamy, almost sensual notes to it, which make it uniquely gorgeous.

I hope you have enjoyed my perfume post! Let me know what perfumes you are putting on your Christmas list.

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