Wardrobe Wants #1

Boohoo Jumper // New Look Knit // Pop Couture Weave Jumper
I want to introduce a few new features to Seek My Scribbles this year. One of which is 'Wardrobe Wants.' These will be little snippet posts that feature a few pieces I have my eye on. I am not planning on posting them on a specific day, just when I see something I like I'll post it!

I have to say I really surprised myself with the neon jumper! I am not normally one to go for neon colours and I don't even know if they suit me, but I am tempted to give this Boohoo jumper a try when I have a few pennies spare. The other two jumpers are less 'in your face' and would easily slide into my wardrobe full of dresses and pretty blouses. I was admiring the blue jumper in New Look the other day and still may go back for it since I have a voucher from Christmas. We'll see!

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