John Greed Jewellery's Valentine's Day Blogger Challenge

The lovely people at John Greed are offering one lucky blogger the chance to win all of the jewellery pieces they desire from their website this Valentine's Day. Me and my boyfriend tend to just buy each other little token presents on Valentine's Day, rather than presents, but that does not stop me wanting to win all of the beautiful jewellery featured above. Read on to find out why I have chosen these particular pieces...

I absolutely adore the dreamy mint coloured crystal featured in this necklace. Pastel shades will be back on-trend this spring so this necklace will be perfect for styling up all of the candy coloured dresses I plan on wearing!

This is my favourite piece of jewellery on the John Greed website. I cannot tell you how long I have been waiting to find the perfect pearl ring! It just has such a classy, romantic feel to it and I love the scroll detail on the rings base. Although this would look lovely stacked with other rings, it is definitely beautiful enough to be worn on its own.

I chose this piece to feature and then realised it was from the bridal range. Whoops! Although I am not a bride, I don't think this matters at all. This necklace would be perfect for adding a touch of glamour to a chic shift dress, or a stylish cocktail dress. I would probably wear it for a special evening out or even a wedding reception!

This is such a sweet and simple necklace which would go with oh-so-many of my outfits. It is one of those pieces of jewellery that just completes an outfit, injecting it with a little more style and edge. At just £10 this dainty little pyramid necklace is a bargain and would be the perfect addition to my trinket box.

If you would like to enter the competition yourself then put together your own mood board blog post featuring a minimum of four pieces, up to the value of £250. You only have until Valentine's Day so get your entries in quick! Head over to the John Greed website for more information on how to submit your entry.

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