Most wanted monochrome

1 - Zara Ruffle Hem Dress // 2 - F&F Panelled Dress // 3 - F&F Floral Dress // 4 - Zara Combined Dress
5 - Topshop Grid Print Dress // 6 - Topshop Floral Shorts // 7 - H&M Batik Dress // 8 - Topshop Colour Block Sandals
I think it would be fair to say I love love LOVE monochrome and I so so SO pleased that it is one of the biggest trends for spring / summer this year. It is just one of those trends that is accessible to everyone, no matter what shape or size you are, any one can pull off black and white. Even for those that like colour, you can still inject monochrome outfits with a pop of cobalt blue, a flash of red or even neon yellow.

Out of all of the items above I think I am most in love with the two Zara dresses. Zara always gets it right. Which items do you like? Are you loving monochrome as much as I am? xo

Image credits: Topshop // H&M // Zara // Clothing at Tesco
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