Lush Fluffy Egg bath bomb review

After seeing Emma's review of Lush's Fluffy Egg bath bomb, I couldn't help picking one up for myself (and one for my mum) at the Lush blogger's evening which took place a couple of weeks ago. I have always been a fan of bath bombs and couldn't wait to use this one, but I thought I'd save it for a time when I could really relax and spend a while soaking myself in its lovelyness.

After managing to wait a week and a bit I got far too excited and decided to use my bath bomb for my pre-evening out pampering session last Friday. I was not disappointed at all. It was divine - just see for yourself below...

Despite knowing that it was going to turn my bath water pink (this is one of the reasons I bought it in the first place) I still got overly excited when I witnessed it! And the scent OH THE SCENT, it was heavenly. So sweet that you felt like you were in an old fashioned sweet shop. I truly truly loved it. The lovely natural ingredients left my skin feeling silky and soft, just what you want before an evening out in your favourite new dress.

Being an Easter themed bath bomb I don't know how long Fluffy Egg is going to be around, but they're still available on the website (£2.95) so go go go! If you're a fan of all things sweet, then you'll be a huge fan of Fluffy Egg.

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