Help me choose my first ever MAC lipstick

Image credit: Bonsoir Madame

So I have something to admit, I'm a MAC virgin. Yes I can hand on heart say that I have never ever tried a MAC product ever...and well I think it's about time that changed! Come pay day I'll be on the hunt for my first ever MAC lipstick (or two) and I could do with a little help from you beauty bloggers out there! I tweeted earlier and got a few recommendations from some lovely ladies, but I thought I'd post on here too. I'm open to pinks, reds and even nudes! I've never really owned a nude lipstick before so this is something I would like to try but I have to say, I do love my pinks and reds too.

Let me know which are your favourite MAC lipsticks and what shades you think would suit me in the comments below!


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