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VO5 hot oil // Soap and Glory Clean on Me // Soap and Glory Glad Hair Day // Soap and Glory Sugar Crush body wash // Lush Big shampoo // Lush Vanilla Dee Lite lotion // Boots moisturising cream // Ted Baker body lotion // YSL mascara (faux cils) // Rimmel Glam Eyes liquid eyeliner

I know 'empties' posts are liked by some and loathed by others, but I personally quite like them. It is probably because I'm a little nosey and like to find out what products people have been using and whether or not they are worth the hype. Anyway I thought I'd share with you some of the products I have used up lately and let you know whether or not I will be repurchasing them, or replacing them with a different product!

1. VO5 Hot Oils

The VO5 hot oil tubes are something I purchase now and then. I wouldn't say they are a regular purchase of mine. I tend to buy them when my hair needs a little extra TLC or right before I'm going to the hairdressers (I'm always scared they're going to tell me my hair isn't silky enough haha). Funnily enough I don't actually know if these make a difference or not. I like to think they do, but sometimes I just think they make my hair look a little shinier and silkier for a day or two. These will be on my 'will probably repurchase at some point' list.

2. Soap and Glory Clean on Me shower gel

I absolutely love the smell of this shower gel by Soap and Glory. It is fruity without being too 'in your face' for the morning. It also contains a built-in body lotion which is pretty awesome for those days you can't be bothered to apply body lotion (don't pretend I'm not the only one). My mum bought me this HUGE bottle for Christmas, but I've also had a number of the smaller versions before which you can get in some of the S&G sets. This one will definitely be going on my repurchase list - I love it!

3. Soap and Glory Glad Hair Day conditioner
Again this is another S&G product which I received at Christmas. I had used the Glad Hair Day shampoo before, but not the conditioner, so it was nice to use them both together. I like everything about this conditioner. The scent again is quite fruity (contains raspberry fruit vinegar) and it definitely does everything a conditioner is supposed to. This one is made for fine to normal hair types and claims to have 'no buildup' but despite this I still tend to alternate my shampoos and conditioners as buildup is super icky. This one will definitely be on my repurchase list.

4. Soap and Glory Sugar Crush body wash
After going on about how much I liked this product when I bought it, I ended up hating it (it's not very often I say that about an S&G product). I bought this citrus-scented shower gel after reading about how wonderful it smelt on so many beauty blogs. Initially I thought the same, but after I had used it for about a week, I realised what the scent remind me of...citrus toilet wipes and bleach. Yes after that it is fair to say that I had been put off this product completely. I actually ended up putting it in the family bathroom to use as a back-up handwash haha. This one will definitely be replaced with something else.

5. Lush Big shampoo
This was a sample I received at the Lush blogger evening in Nottingham a couple of months ago. I can honestly say it has the weirdest texture ever for a shampoo, but it totally works. Big is a salt shampoo that gives your hair added volume. It feels really weird lathering it into your hair, with all the salt bits but I liked it. The only thing I don't like is the smell and the only thing I can put it down to is seaweed. I've had seaweed products in the past that I've not liked. Despite not liking the smell, I will be repurchasing this product as I love the effect it had on my hair.

6. Lush Vanilla Dee-Lite
I've already written a separate review post on Vanilla Dee-Lite so you can read that for a full review. This one is a definite repurchase.

7. Boots moisturising cream
I put this cheap moistuirising cream in my basket after James kept going on and on about how much he liked the smell of it (cucumber for those interested). Whilst I do like the smell, the texture of the cream isn't for me! I'm definitely going to be replacing this with a different moisturiser (probably the N0 7 beautiful skin day cream). Lesson learnt - don't listen to your boyfriend.

8. Ted Baker body lotion
I received this lovely body lotion at Christmas. My mum and dad kindly surprised me with the Ted Baker vanity case from Boots. Inside there was lots and lots of Ted Baker bath and body goodies including this body lotion. Despite hating the packaging due to my butterfly phobia (haha) I love this body lotion. It has a lovely scent (bergamot, red fruit, tuberose and patchouli) and sinks into the skin really quickly. Although I love this product, I probably won't be repurchasing it as I need to use up all of my other body lotions. Lush Vanilla Dee-lite is my only exception to this rule as it is my favourite.

9. YSL mascara
For a full review of this mascara please see this post! This is my favourite mascara and I will definitely be repurchasing it come pay day.

10. Rimmel Glam Eyes liquid eyeliner
This eyeliner did the job, but it was nothing extraordinary. I'm still yet to find a liquid eyeliner that I really, really love. If you have any recommendations please leave them in the comments below! I won't be repurchasing this one as I'm on a mission to find the perfect eyeliner.


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