Seek My Scribbles gets a makeover!

Some of my regular followers may have noticed that Seek My Scribbles has had a little (well actually quite a BIG) makeover! Yes I thought it was about time that my blog became the beautiful thing I've wanted it to be for so long. Thanks to the lovely, wonderful and talented Abby from Baggle Web and Design I now have this sweet and oh-so-dreamy layout.

I had been umming and arring over whether to have a custom blog design for so long as I wasn't quite sure what I wanted. A few weeks ago something just clicked and I had a good idea of the type of header I wanted, along with the colours (well mint, I just kept saying mint). Abby was completely on my wave length and turned my initial thoughts into this beautiful creation. If you are thinking of having your blog designed then I highly recommend hiring Abby. She's one talented lady!

Anyway now that one of my HUGE writing orders is over I'm hoping to get back to blogging more regularly and the fact that my blog looks this pretty is certainly a great motivator!

What do you think of Seek My Scribbles new look?


PS how cool is the recent post slider? I'm fascinated!

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