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As regular readers may have noticed, I've had two weeks off blogging! It wasn't really intentional, but I've had a lot going on and I didn't want to palm you off with a half-hearted post. Needless to say I am now back, with a post I hope you'll enjoy - A little homeware haul! I've been re-doing my room over the past few weeks, so I thought I'd share with you some of the new things I've purchased...

Re-furbished bureau - eBay seller (£120.00)
This beautiful Queen Anne style bureau is an early birthday present from my parents. I have wanted my own bureau for a while now and as soon as I saw this one I knew it had to be mine. My parent's didn't want me to have to wait until Oct 3rd to use it, so they let me have it early! It is duck egg blue and old white and has a stunning distressed finish. I. Love. It.

Heart shape fairy lights - B&M (£3.99)
 These dainty heart shaped fairy lights were a real bargain at just £3.99! They are from B&M, which many of you will know is fantastic for cheap shabby-chic style home furnishings. There are ten hearts in total and they are battery operated. I am thinking of hanging them just above my bed. They will give my room a magical, cosy feel on dark winter evenings.

Artificial flowers and vase - Ikea (Unsure of price)
I absolutely love flowers but as I am not always the best at looking after them, I thought I'd pick up these beautiful artificial flowers from Ikea instead. There are so many different types of flowers to choose from but I went for a mix of orchids and tulips in pink and white. 

Set of three scented candles in rose print pots - £3.25
I am a sucker from vintage rose prints, so when I saw this cute set of scented candles, I simply couldn't resist adding them to my trolley. I haven't actually burnt them yet and I am not sure that I will because I kind of like them as decorations for my bureau! If you do pick these up and decide to burn them, you can use the little pots as tea light holders once the candle wax has melted.

Heart shape bowl - B&M (£1.79)
This lovely heart shaped bowl would be perfect for using for your morning cereal or to hold sweet snacks whilst you watch a film, however I think I am going to use it on my dressing table! I'm tempted to use it to display some lip balms, mini blush pots or nail polishes, I haven't quite decided yet. Either way, it is a great sized bowl and can be used for whatever you like!

So there we have it, my latest homeware purchases! I hope you have enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have found any cute homeware pieces at B&M or any other low-cost stores. I am also on the look out for some new stationary, so if you can recommend any websites / stores leave the link in the comments below.

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