Christmas Festivities Part 1: Nottingham Christmas Market

Let me start off by saying I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and Boxing day! I sure did, which is partly why I didn't bother blogging, y'know I was having too much fun and all that. But now that Christmas is over *sobs* I thought I would share a little bit about what I did over the last week or so in my next few posts. I think there will be three parts. Yes three parts sounds good to me.

The photographs featured above were taken at the Nottingham Christmas market which I visited a week last Tuesday with the lovely Sophia. We browsed the lovely little stalls, before heading to the hut where they were selling mulled wine. I had my first ever cup of mulled wine and it tasted much better than I expected it to! Nottingham always looks so pretty at Christmas time. I loved all of the beautiful lights and the little grotto huts which almost made it feel like you were in different place entirely.

Even though Christmas has been and gone, the market and ice rink are still open until 5th January 2014! If you are still in the festive spirit and are in the city, I highly recommend having a walk round one evening and indulging in some of the sweet treats on offer! xo

If like me you have been taking a lot of photos over the festive period, why not sign up to Photobox where you can get forty free prints! 

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