Winter lip care must-haves

I don't know about you, but at this time of year my lips seem to instantly become dry and chapped the moment I step into the cold. No one likes chapped lips. They are not attractive and they certainly do not look good when you are trying to apply your favourite lipstick over the top! Here I've shared two of my favourite lip care products that are must-haves at this time of year.
Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub
Before I apply my makeup, I always use this lip scrub to polish my lips and remove the dead skin cells (ew). Whilst I do think this is expensive at £5.50, my pot has lasted quite a while and I'm not even half way down it. A little definitely goes a long way! You could easily make your own homemade version, if you wanted to save your pennies though. Lush say you can lick it off, but as I'm not overly fond of the sweetness, I tend to just gently wipe it off. The lip scrub definitely does the trick though, so I highly recommend picking one up or making one at home, if you want to improve the look and feel of your lips.
Nivea SOS Relief
Whilst I have plenty of lip balms, I had never really found anything that provided instant relief, until I came across the Nivea SOS Relief balm. This is just magical. Give it a gentle squeeze and smooth it onto the lips using the easy applicator and it will work wonders. My lips felt instantly hydrated and moisturised. I also found that the texture improved dramatically during the course of the day. 
Unlike with other lip care products I have used, you can actually feel this working on the lips. It has a cooling, tingling sensation, but nothing as extreme as the S&G Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss, don't you worry! It's minty scent and flavour is pleasant and not at all offensive. It is just an all round fabulous product and is certainly a must-have for all chapped lip sufferers out there!
You can pick up the Nivea SOS Relief balm for £3.36 at Boots, but it is currently on offer at Superdrug, priced at just £2.19. Cheap and cheerful!

What are your winter lip care must-haves? xo

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