Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask review

Despite the fact I am twenty three years of age, I still suffer from teenage skin nasties, particularly on my t-zone. The rest of my skin is normal / dry, but that's combination skin for you! On a recent shopping trip, I popped into Lush to pick up a few of my favourite bath bombs and came across their fresh face mask range, which I'd never tried anything from before. Straight away I was drawn to the Cupcake mask because it sounded divine and after scanning the label I found out it was made for oily and teenage skin - perfect!

The ingredients
One of the key ingredients featured in the Cupcake face mask is Rhassoul Mud. This is a natural mineral product which has excellent cleansing and grease removing properties.  It works with the cocoa powder to penetrate the skin, drawing out all of the impurities and giving it a deep cleanse. The mask also contains fresh mint which tones the skin and cocoa butter which leaves it feeling soft and moisturised. Like all of Lush's fresh face masks, Cupcake does not contain preservatives, which means you need to keep it in the fridge and use it within three weeks.

Applying the mask
I found the consistency of Cupcake fairly thick, making it a little difficult to spread around the face when you first take it out of the fridge, but once you get going it's all good! I left the mask on for ten minutes as recommended, in which time it began to harden. What I liked about the face mask was that after a couple of minutes, you could really feel it cooling the skin, which felt lovely and refreshing!
Once the ten minutes is up you simply have to rinse the product off your face with warm water. Although it washed off easy enough, it did get a little messy (make sure you rinse your sink afterwards).

After washing off the face mask, I immediately noticed how clean and soft my skin felt. The Rhassoul Mud had certainly worked a treat! Since using the mask I have also noticed that my oily t-zone has not been quite as oily. It must be down to the mask as it has been the only change I have made to my skincare routine as of lately. I would highly recommend the Cupcake mask if you suffer from excess oil or minor breakouts, as I think it will really help to calm and balance your skin.

After having such a good experience with this face mask, I will definitely be trying out some of Lush's other fresh face masks to. What I like about them is that they use vegan-friendly, natural ingredients, so you can have the peace of mind that the stuff you are putting on your skin is doing nothing but good things! There are currently nine different Lush fresh face masks for you to try, each costing £5.95 each. Lush also have a recycling programme in store, where if you bring back five of their empty pots or tubes, they will give you a fresh mask for free! It's definitely worth remembering to save up those pots.

One last thing- If you are worried that you won't be able to use up the entire pot within three weeks, why not split it with your mum / sister / roommate or best friend? That way you can both benefit from beautiful fresh skin and you can half the price whilst you are at it!
Have you tried Cupcake? What did you think? Would you recommend any other of Lush's face masks?
*Lush is a cruelty-free brand.*

Megan Jane
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