Fairypants vegan friendly nail polish review

Vegan friendly and cruelty free
Unlike many other nail polishes on the market, Fairypants’ nail polishes are both vegan friendly and cruelty free. They are not tested on animals and they do not contain any animal ingredients. If you are sat there wondering what animal ingredients could possibly be included in a nail polish, think fish scales and crushed beetles. Yes it made me feel a little queazy too…

The nothing nasty rule
All of Fairypants’ nail polishes are what is known as ‘five free.’ There are five nasty chemical ingredients that are often used in nail polishes (one of which is formaldehyde) but you won’t find them in these polishes!

Bluebell by Fairypants
Fairypants’ new collection of vegan friendly nail polish will feature five pastel shades, all of which will contain tiny black glitter flecks that are designed to make your nails look like little birds eggs! I was lucky enough to receive the shade Bluebell,* which is a gorgeous pastel blue colour that shimmers in the light. I adore the whimsical label!

Testing it out...
When it came to testing it out I found the polish so easy to apply. The brush was just the right size and the polish glided on smoothly. Not only that, but Bluebell is possibly the fastest drying nail polish I have ever used! I hate sitting around waiting for my nails to dry, so offer me a quick drying nail polish and I’m sold!

I did find that the polish chipped after a couple of days, but to be honest, so do many nail polishes. This was without a top coat, so maybe next time I’ll try it with one, as it’s likely that it will give me a couple of days extra without chips.

At £3.99 I think this nail polish is very reasonably priced. It's cheaper than the Models Own Speckled Egg polishes and although I've not tried them, this polish from Fairypants looks to offer a similar effect. Will I buy the other shades when they come out? Yes I will! I already have my eye on the rose pink shade.

Fairypants nail polishes will be launching soon.

*This product was sent to me in exchange for an honest review.

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