Mobile Madhouse iPhone case review

As hard as I try to keep my iPhone safe, my clumsiness means that it often ends up falling onto the floor when I’m in a rush or getting splashed with water when I’m in the bath and trying to skip to the next Taylor Swift song. Yes I am that cool. Luckily Mobile Madhouse were kind enough to send me one of their pink flip iPhone covers* to help protect my iPhone against it’s clumsy owner.

Aside from the faux leather flip cover being stylish with its fancy stitching and gorgeous pink colour, it is also an extremely practical choice of case. Not only does it stop the screen from getting scratched, but it also holds my phone securely in place and helps to stop it getting bashed about. Something I’ve always had trouble with is holding my phone when taking photos (I don’t know why) but somehow the phone case makes it easier to hold. I also like the fact it has a magnetic clasp, the sound it makes when it closes is so satisfying!

Overall I am very impressed with this phone cover and for just £2.90 (sale price) you really can’t go wrong! Mobile Madhouse stock cases and covers for all of the top phone brands and makes. You simply select your phone from the list and you will be shown all of the covers for your phone type. From flip cases to rubber phone protectors, there is sure to be a cover you will love.
*This product was sent to me in exchange for an honest review.

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