4 lovely products for brightening your complexion

Sanctuary Fresh Faced Purifying Wash - £9.00 – Boots
The Fresh Faced Purifying Wash by Sanctuary Spa is one of my favourite face washes. This product is designed to balance the skins moisture levels and leave it feeling cool and refreshed. Unlike other face washes, this doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight - in fact it feels rather soft! I also find that my skin looks more radiant and fresh, probably because it gives it such a deep clean. At £9.00 it is a little over priced for a face wash (I bought it as part of a gift set) but it is a lovely product.

Sanctuary Radiance Exfoliator -  £10.50 - Boots
One of the best ways to rejuvenate your skin and achieve a glowing complexion is to exfoliate. There are many different facial scrubs, toners and masks you can use to exfoliate your skin, but my current favourite is the Sanctuary Radiance Exfoliator. This contains ultra-fine apricot granules and grape seeds that exfoliate and refine the skin, along with pumpkin, pineapple and papaya extracts which help to increase cell renewal. I tend to use this a couple of times a week and the results are immediately noticeable.

Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream - £10.00 – The Body Shop
When my mum bought the Vitamin E Illuminating moisture cream for us to try I was a little bit wary of it. I imagined that I’d apply it to my skin and I’d look like Edward Cullen. I was wrong. This is a beautiful moisturiser that not only hydrates the skin, but adds a lilac toned glow to the skin too. My mum doesn’t wear foundation but her skin always looks radiant and fresh after applying this moisture cream. I do wear foundation and find that this moisture cream is the perfect base. You just need to make sure you massage it into the skin properly or the lilac glow can be a little too obvious.

Radiant Highlighter - £12.00 – The Body Shop
Until I picked up the Radiant Highlight from The Body Shop, I’d never used a liquid highlighter before. What I like about this highlighter is that it can be used two ways. You can either apply it under your foundation for a subtle glow or after you have applied your face makeup to highlight your cheek and brow bones. If you are doing the latter, I advise dotting a small amount of the product over the top of your cheek bones and gently patting it into the skin. It’s quite subtle so if you blend too much it’ll disappear.

Of course, drinking plenty of water and eating lots of fruit and veg are the best remedies for dull skin, but we all need a little extra help every now and then and these four products certainly do the trick for me.

Have you tried any of the products featured above? 
What are your favourite products for brightening your complexion?
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