A little family tea party

Yesterday was a good day. We ate lots of delicious food and indulged in a glass (or two) of vintage champagne in celebration of my brother's twenty first birthday. Despite their only being five of us, we had a feast that would probably feed about fifty, leaving plenty of left overs for the next few days! My mum did a fabulous job with the spread, particularly with the fairy cakes which looked picture perfect and tasted even better.

Tonight we're off for a family meal at Il Rosso in Mansfield. It is one of my favourite places to dine, so I'm really looking forward to it. This is the last of my brother's twenty first birthday celebrations which have been going on since last Thursday! You're only twenty one once though so it's definitely something to celebrate.

A short & sweet post, but I hope you've enjoyed it and that my tea party food hasn't made you too hungry!


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