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Although I usually share fashion and beauty related posts here on Seek My Scribbles, every now and then you'll find the odd pet post. I absolutely adore my two dogs, Jazz and Oby so when I was contacted about sharing this guide dog video here on Seek My Scribbles, I was more than happy to oblige!

Whilst the majority of us rely on our four legged friends for love, comfort and at times, humour, those that are visually impaired have to essentially put their lives in the hands of their guide dogs. I think guide dogs are truly wonderful and amazing, as are the people who train them and those who put their faith in their guide dogs to keep them safe.

It's not very often I ask readers to do anything, but I would love it if you would take a minute to watch the video posted above. If nothing else it will warm your heart and make you truly appreciate the work of guide dogs and their trainers. I especially loved the video because the dog is called Jazz, like my dog!

For more information about the campaign or to sponsor a guide dog yourself, click here. You can sponsor a guide dog puppy for as little as £1.00 a week and for that you will receive regular pupdates, a calendar and photographs.

If like me, you love dogs, you may be interested in attending the Dogs Unite! event at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on the 14th June 2014. Tickets can be purchased here. I am hoping to attend myself!

I know this is a little different from my usual posts but I like to share information about good causes and Guide Dogs is definitely what I call a good cause.

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