My favourite spring nail polish | Rita Ora for Rimmel 'Breakfast in Bed'

Rimmel London -  873 Breakfast in Bed // £3.69 in Boots
I don't know about you, but I love it when I find the perfect nail polish colour that just seems to tone in perfectly with all of my seasonal outfits. This happened recently when I picked up the shade 'Breakfast in Bed' from Rimmel London's relatively new collection in collaboration with Rita Ora. 

Breakfast in Bed is a beautiful mint green shade that has a subtle shimmery finish. It only needs a couple of coats (though for me it needed three as I forgot to shake the bottle - oops) and dries relatively quickly...not far off sixty seconds I'd say! The bottle is beautifully designed with a stamp featuring Rita Ora wearing the same colour on her nails. Pretty cool that.

I've seen a number of reviews stating that the formula is a little thick and whilst I have only just noticed this myself, I wouldn't say it affects the application at all. I still found it really easy to apply and I'm the world's worst nail polish painter.

The thing that has stood out for me the most about this nail polish (aside from the beautiful colour and cute name) is the fact it is very chip resistant. I usually find that my nails chip after a day or two, but it's been nearly a whole week now and it's only just starting to chip majorly. 

After loving this polish so much, I am definitely going to invest in a few other colours from the collection. I really love the look of 'Pillow Talk,' a pastel blue and 'Rita Rouge,' a dark red shade.

Have you tried any of the Rita Ora for Rimmel London polishes?
What did you think of them?

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