Little Life Snippets #3

My bedroom decor // Beauty purchases // My favourite cup and camera // Danny's birthday
Mum's best fairy cakes to date // Car journeys with Barkley // Lush bunny bubble bar // The compulsory mini egg shot
Bourjois Blue No Blues // Il Rosso's tasty Pea and Mint Risotto // Models Own Utopia // Covert Accessories giveaway prizes
Oh hey May you came around pretty quick didn't you? April was quite a fun and busy month for me, eating easter eggs takes up a lot of time you know. Just kidding. What did I really do in the month of April? Well I celebrated my brother's 21st birthday, my best friend's 23rd birthday, worked my socks off and yes I ate rather a lot of naughty things in the process of it all. May must be a month of healthy eating and exercising! If you know any fitness blogs (that aren't scary or intimidating) I'd love to hear about them. I need motivating!

My most viewed post last month (aside from my giveaway post which is still running by the way) was my Body Shop haul. You love a good haul post don't you? It's a good job because I've got a little Boots one coming up next. Be sure to keep an eye out for it on Saturday!

I hope you all had a lovely April.
Have you got anything exciting planned this month?

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