The Body Shop Strawberry Set

Recently I have been loving The Body Shop's strawberry range. This beautiful selection of products was given to me by my boyfriend's parents and boy was I happy!
In the set, I received a Strawberry shower gel, body polish, body butter, lip balm and eau de toilette. I have been using the products for the last few weeks and absolutely love them all. I was surprised by how much I liked the Strawberry Body Polish, as I'm usually put off by the film they leave on the skin. This body polish was completely different though; it lathered up like a soap, gently exfoliated the skin and left it feeling soft but not 'falsely smooth' if you know what I mean?
The stand out product in this set for me has to be the Strawberry Body Butter. God knows why I haven't tried this product before now - it's like heaven in a tub! Like the name suggests, it has a buttery texture and a beautiful sweet strawberry scent. It soaks in really quickly and leaves the skin feeling soft for a long, long while. I love using it in the evening, after I've had a bath, as the next morning my skin always feels amazing. The scent is really long-lasting too! I was so impressed that I went round my house asking members of my family to 'smell my arm' - it was that good!
The Strawberry lip balm, shower gel and eau de toilette are all really lovely too. I tend to use the lip balm before I apply my daily lipstick to smooth and nourish my lips and the eau de toilette is perfect for spritzing myself with on 'home days' when I don't want to use my more expensive perfumes.
If you love strawberry scented products, you can't go wrong with any of these. I can't find the exact gift set I received on The Body Shop website, but you can definitely buy all of the products separately or as part of other strawberry sets. I think this strawberry gift set would make the ideal gift for any lovely lady out there. The fact that The Body Shop does not test on animals also gives them two big thumbs up from me!
Have you tried any of the Strawberry products from The Body Shop?

Megan Jane
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