The Body Shop Blueberry Body Butter Review

After loving the strawberry body butter from The Body Shop (and getting down it pretty quickly I may add) I knew I simply had to pick up another one. Whilst shopping in Guildford last weekend, I noticed that The Body Shop had some of their body butters on sale - reduced from £13.00 to just £5.00! I decided to pick up the blueberry body butter after really liking the shower gel from the range.

Aside from the gorgeous buttery texture, the thing I like most about The Body Shop body butters is how quickly they sink into the skin. With some body lotions you feel like you have to stand there for ages, waiting for them to work, but this feels like it's working straight away. I also like how heavily scented the body butters are. The scent really lingers (in a good way) on the skin and if you want to intensify it further, you can always pick up one of the matching Eau De Toilettes.

Want to pick up a body butter for yourself whilst they're just £5.00? Head over to The Body Shop website and choose from blueberry, almond, papaya, passion fruit and olive.

Are you a fan of The Body Shop body butters?
Which is your favourite?

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