Easy on the Eye | Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick Review | Rose Gold

When it comes to applying eye shadow, I’m certainly no expert. I’m rubbish at blending and haven’t got a clue how to achieve the perfect smokey eye, no matter how many YouTube tutorials I watch. I like things to be as simple and easy as possible, which is probably why as soon as I tried the Rose Gold Rimmel ScandalEyes shadow stick, I fell well and truly in love with it.

Although there are many different eye shadow sticks available today, this is the first one I’ve tried and boy do I wish I’d got there sooner. It’s just so easy to apply; you simply run it over the lid (I like to put a little under the outer corner of the eye too) and then blend it out with your finger. Easy peasy.

The formula of the shadow stick is really creamy, allowing it to glide gently onto the eyelid without any tugging. Whilst you may think a creamy eye shadow stick would result in minimal wear time, it is actually the longest lasting eye shadow I’ve ever worn! It literally lasts all day without re-application and will still be there when you come to take your makeup off in the evening. It is also waterproof. I tested this when I accidentally left my makeup on when I went in the shower – oops! Whilst I did come out with panda eyes (I was wearing Benefit They’re Real mascara) the shadow stick was still firmly in place.

The only thing I don't like about this product is the fact it doesn't wind up. I don't think I own a sharpener that size so I'm going to have to go out and buy one - what a pain!

I can’t not talk about how beautiful this particular shade is – Rose Gold is one of my favourite colours (and I know a lot of other beauty bloggers love it too) – making this the perfect shade for me. I think it goes really well with my brown eyes, but I can imagine it looking beautiful against any eye colour. It also has a shimmer running through it and although shimmery eye shadows often end up irritating my skin (more on that in an upcoming post) thankfully this one doesn’t!

This particular ScandalEyes shadow stick is actually from Kate Moss’ range for Rimmel. I’ve loved using it so much that I’ve already gone and picked up another shadow stick from the main line, ‘Blamed Blue.’ If you are looking for an easy and long lasting eye shadow product, ideal for applying on holiday, on-the-go or wherever you happen to be, put this one at the top of your shopping list!

The Rimmel ScandalEyes shadow sticks cost £4.49 and are currently on Buy One Get One Half Price at Boots. Will you be picking one up?


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