Summer Skin Essentials

The beautiful summer weather today has inspired me to share my summer skin essentials. Now I didn't bother including an SPF here, but we should all know by now just how important it is to make sure that your skin is protected from the sun! The other obvious product that I didn't include was fake tan. It's not one of my summer skin essentials and probably never will be. I've never really wanted to use it myself (I'm scared of being orange) and would rather just embrace my paleness! Anyway let's get down to it...
Strawberry Body Polish - The Body Shop £10.00
Body scrub / polish
A good body scrub or polish if you prefer is the first step to achieving soft summer skin. Gently massaging it onto the body when you are in the shower will remove dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling super smooth.

Top tips
  • Don't scrub too hard (it'll make your skin red)
  • Don't use it every day (just 2 - 3 times a week will do the trick)
Product recommendation
I'm loving the strawberry body polish from the Body Shop. The scent is absolutely divine and it leaves the skin feeling soft, without adding a greasy film over the top like some scrubs tend to. Pick up a 75ml scrub to try for £5.00 or go full size (200 ml) for £10.00.

Blueberry Body Butter - The Body Shop £13.00
Body butter / lotion
Keep your skin soft and supple by using a body butter or lotion. There are so many different variations of skin moisturisers on the market today, but I prefer the thick, creamy texture of body butters. I try to moisturise after I've had my shower and then again at bed time (but it doesn't always happen). 

Top tip
  • Not got time to moisturise every day? Pick up a quick & easy product like the Nivea in-shower moisturiser or Vaseline spray and go
Product recommendation
I'm a huge fan of the Body Shop body butters. Strawberry is my favourite, but the blueberry body butter featured above is a close second. These have a lovely texture and sink into the skin so quickly! They are priced at £13.00, but they are often on offer or cheaper with discount codes. You can currently get £10.00 off when you spend £25.00 at The Body Shop online by using the discount code 'cool'.

Botanics Hydrating Day Cream SPF15 £4.99 (on offer at the moment £2.00) & Botanics Refreshing Eye Roll-on £8.99 (on offer at the moment £4.50) - Boots
Face and eye cream
In the summer time you don't want anything too heavy on the face, but it's still essential to use a good face and eye cream to hydrate the skin. If you are only in your late teens / early twenties, you don't necessarily need an anti-ageing eye cream. I prefer using something refreshing and brightening like the Botanics roll-on featured above.

Top tips
  • Gently massage moisturiser into the face using upwards and outwards motions
  • Be very gentle around your eye area. If you need to; gently pat your eye cream into the skin using your ring finger
Product Recommendations
Recently I've been loving the Boots Botanics range. The products are all really affordable and make use of natural ingredients. I particularly like the hydrating day cream (SPF15) which is really light on the skin and the refreshing eye roll-on which brightens the eye area, whilst also cooling and soothing it.

Sanctuary Spa Foot Butter - Boots £2.50
Foot cream / butter
No one likes to talk about feet, but if you are planning on wearing sandals this summer, you'll want to make sure they look nice! Using a foot cream or butter will soften the skin and prevent things like cracked heels.

Top tip
  • Pop a pair of socks on after you have applied your foot cream / butter. It works a charm!
Product recommendation
A lot of people love the Soap & Glory Heel Genius, but I'm personally not a big fan as I think it's a big greasy. I prefer the Sanctuary Spa Moisture Rich Foot Butter. It's nothing special (just your average foot butter) but it does everything it's supposed to and also has a lovely lavender scent.

What are your summer skin essentials?


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