The Perfect Pink | Essie Eternal Optimist

If you read this post last month, you'll know I'm a huge fan of pink nail polish so I was thrilled to come across Essie Eternal Optimist, what can only be described as the perfect pink for every day wear. Eternal Optimist is a dusky rose shade that looks oh-so-sophisticated on the nails. Since I bought it a couple of weeks ago, it's all I've been wearing! I love the fact that it goes with whatever outfit I've got on that day and looks really feminine and classy.

On the downside it takes three coats for a streak-free finish, however it is really fast drying. I like to pop on the Seche Vite top coat afterwards to give it a super shiny finish and also make it a little more chip resistant. 

At £7.99 it's not the cheapest nail polish, but I personally think it's worth every single penny and I know that when I inevitably need to buy it again, I will! The fact it is a nude pink makes it ideal not only for the spring and summer, but autumn and winter too.

Eternal Optimist is the perfect every day pink and I simply can't get enough of it!


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