Happy World Cat Day!

Today is World Cat Day, providing me with the perfect opportunity to share yet another one of my little friends with you. Born 'Tommy' - at the grand old age of fifteen (almost sixteen he adds) he now goes by Thomas - it's much more sophisticated. He enjoys jumping in cardboard boxes, inconvenient laptop cuddles, lying on whatever washing you've left on the floor and eating whatever you're eating - yep he'll have some of that please and thank you.

From looking at the photo above, you'd assume Thomas has an easy life, but he's actually quite busy...

He's always asking to use the laptop...
We regularly find him in secret talks with Jazz.
Recently he's taken up the role of a stuffed toy impersonator.

Joking aside, he's an adorable little thing and even his round-the-clock meowing doesn't stop me from loving him. He's the boss of my dogs and the boss of us all, but I wouldn't have him any other way.

Happy World Cat Day!

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