#BloggersSecretSanta14 | Nottingham Blogger Meetup

Last weekend I attended the #BloggersSecretSanta14 meet up at the Ned Ludd in Nottingham, hosted by the lovely Hannah and Emma. I was feeling very nervous when I got there, but the ladies I sat with were so, so lovely and I scanned the room and saw a few familiar faces including Leah, Ellie and of course Suzie from Xenca who I met at the #NottsMeetSep14 meet up.

After everyone had arrived and we’d had time for a quick chat, we were given the first talk of the day from Ian ‘the UK friendly guy!’ He introduced us to two products I’d not come across before: The Ultimate Fix nail spray and the Hello breath spray. I was particularly interested in the nail spray as it is designed to dry each layer of nail varnish you apply so it doesn’t chip as easily. The breath spray was so cutely packaged and the flavour ‘Pink Grapefruit Mint’ certainly sounds interesting so I’ll give it a whirl! Be sure to look out for reviews of these products on Seek My Scribbles in the near future.
Hello breath spray & The Ultimate Fix // Lekha giving the MERUMAYA presentation // The lovely Sarah getting a Lush hand massage from Charlie!
Next up was the MERUMAYA presentation, given to us by the lovely Lekha. Again, I hadn’t really heard of MERUMAYA before so it was great to be introduced to a new British brand.

After Lekha had talked through all of the products and let us have a little try (I quickly fell in love with the serum) it was time to do the raffle. I was so excited when my number was pulled out but I managed to contain myself, instead letting out a little ‘whoop!’ I’ve won 5 full sized MERUMAYA products (including the serum eee) and I can’t wait to try them out!
Suzie (who I didn’t get a photo of as I was eating at this point – bad blogger) gave the next talk about Xenca. I really love that she gave a completely different presentation to the one at #NottsMeetSep14, focusing mainly on health and nutrition. We were also lucky enough to get a sample of the Xenca Five a day+ to try. I’ve managed it 4 days in a row so far – starting as I mean to go on! I’ll definitely be doing a separate post on this so I can explain what it is and what it does, but if you are eager to know, go and chat to Suzie on Twitter!
Last but certainly not least, three members of the Lush Nottingham team, Holly, Ivy and Charlie, gave a really interesting talk about the history of the company, their ethics and some of their amazing Christmas products. We also got to make our own bath bomb, which as a BIG Lush fan I thought was so exciting! I chose to make the Cinders bath bomb and I can’t wait to use it.
After all that excitement we were then given our Secret Santa gifts. I opened mine to find the most beautiful writing set I have even seen, a long with some jellybeans, reindeer dust and a beautiful leaf necklace. I love everything so, so much! We were also given a goodie bag, which as you can see in the top photo is packed full of exciting products. I’ll definitely be writing about these more in future blog posts, because I think this one’s long enough don’t you?

Before I go I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Hannah and Emma for organising such a wonderful day and for the effort they put into getting all the products for the goodie bags.

Usually people have months to organise these things and they did it in six weeks, which is pretty impressive! I also just want to quickly thank all of the brands that were kind enough to gift us all of the goodies along with Suzie, Ian, Lekha and Lush Nottingham for taking time to talk to us all and share their products with us.  Oh and last but not least the Ned Ludd for having us – the food was delicious, so if you’re in Nottingham some time you should definitely go!

I know some people feel really nervous about going to meet ups (I always do too) but if there’s a meet up happening near you, just brave it! It will be so worth it as you get to meet so many lovely bloggers (who you will have lots in common with) and also get to know more about brands you are interested in.

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