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Drummers Drumming - £5.25 // Luxury Lush Pud - £3.50
If there's one thing for sure, Lush certainly know how to get everyone excited about Christmas! Every year I look forward to seeing their Christmas collection of products and this year was no different. Although they have bought back some of my favourites from last year including Candy Mountain and Magic Wand, I decided to go for some of the bubble bars and bath ballistics I hadn't tried before instead.

After enjoying the reusable Magic Wand bubble bar so much last year, I was immediately drawn to Drummers Drumming, another reusable bubble bar on a stick. This one is supposed to have a 'strawberries and cream' scent so I'm looking forward to testing out. Last year I got so many baths out of my Magic Wand bubble bar, so I'm hoping this is just as good.
Butterbear - £1.95 // The Christmas Hedgehog - £3.25
The other bubble bar I picked up was The Christmas Hedgehog, purely because it looked so, so cute. Unfortunately mine had a bit of a squashed face and although I've still not worked out what hedgehogs have to do with Christmas, I love it all the same! This one is made of organic shea and cocoa butters so it should be really kind and soothing on the skin.

Although bubble bars are my favourite Lush products, I decided to pick up a few bath bombs to try and was immediately drawn to the Luxury Lush Pud because of it's beautiful bright colours. I bet this one is going to make my bath water look so magical! I also chose the Butterbear for my mum because it looked so cute and I knew she'd love it.
So White - £3.50
Last but not least I chose 'So White' after hearing Zoella talk about it in one of her videos. This is the only one I've used so far and I loved it so, so much! It has a gorgeous sweet apple scent and although it isn't the most exciting bath bomb in terms of colour, it contains so many lovely ingredients that leave the skin feeling silky smooth. I'll definitely getting another one of these before Christmas is over.

If you haven't already be sure to check out Lush's Christmas range. As well as their beautiful individual products, they also do amazing gift sets (I have my eye on the Once Upon A Time gift set) and festive printed knot wraps (a great alternative to wrapping paper).

Yesterday at the #BloggersSecretSanta14 blogger event I attended, we got to make our own Christmas themed Cinders bath bomb with the Lush Nottingham team. It was so much fun, so I'll definitely be sharing a post about it later this week!

Which products are you loving from the Lush Christmas range?

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