Sundays are for me.

According to new findings from relationship site more than half of all Brits (61%) aren’t getting enough down time each week, resulting in them feeling overly tired, stressed and even depressed. ‘Me Time,’ classed as time spent relaxing on one’s own as opposed to doing something for others, is a rarity for the majority of people, with one in six saying they have no ‘Me Time’ at all and one in ten having less than five hours a week.

I would say I’ve got ‘Me Time’ down to a T and the way I ensure I get time to relax and unwind is by making Sundays just for me. Working at home, I often find it difficult to switch off, which is why I think it is so important to have a work-free day on Sunday, instead spending the day doing whatever I want to do.

Whilst some Sundays I will go out for breakfast with my partner before returning home to chill, others I will spend relaxing at home, catching up on my favourite blogs and maybe even having a little pamper session. I think Sundays are the perfect day for pampering yourself as you have time to relax in a nice hot bubble bath, put on a face mask, paint your nails and do everything that you don’t have time to do in the week!

Seeing as I've mastered the art of ‘Me Time’ the lovely people at eHarmony have asked me to set my readers a Sunday Challenge as part of their Love Sundays campaign. As Seek My Scribbles is a beauty & lifestyle blog I thought I’d set you a pampering challenge. Enjoy!

Sunday Challenge: Pop on your favourite facemask, light a scented candle and take a relaxing hot bubble bath. 

Why? The facemask will work wonders on your skin and the candle and bubble bath will leave you feeling relaxed, pampered and ready to face work on Monday.

Tip: Use a lavender scented bath product to calm the mind and relieve any aches or pains you’re experiencing. One of my favourites is the Twilight bath bomb from Lush.

 Let me know how you get on with the challenge by sending a tweet (@meganjane03) using the hashtag #LoveSundays  

Do you think you get enough ‘Me Time?’ 
PS, eHarmony has kindly offered Seek My Scribbles readers 3 months membership at a discounted price of £14.85 a month, simply use the code 'MYSCRIBBLES' when signing up!
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