What I've learnt from blogging (nearly) every day for a month

So in January I set myself the challenge of blogging every day for a month and I almost completed it! I managed to post every day apart from yesterday, which left me so mentally drained that the last thing I wanted to do was write a blog post. Anyway, seeing as I managed to blog nearly every day, I thought I'd share some of the things I learnt along the way...

Creating daily content is hard - Trying to think up blog content ideas for daily posts is fun but very hard! I'm really proud of some of the content I created in January, particularly my 5 tips for working at home and post on Finding Inspiration post but towards the end of the month I found it much more difficult.

You have to be organised - The whole process of creating and promoting blog posts takes up a lot of time, so organisation is key (and easier said than done). Whilst I did start off the month by writing posts in bulk and scheduling them, I then decided to just blog when I was in the mood to, which felt much more natural and enjoyable. Taking blog photos in bulk in the morning was something I got pretty good at though. Getting out of bed earlier to make the most of the little daylight we're getting in the UK right now is a sacrifice one has to make!

Who my most loyal readers are - One of the best things I learnt this month is who my loyal readers are! I love getting new followers but it's so lovely when you see people coming back again to read and comment on your posts.

Buffer is awesome - I know some people are against scheduling social media updates but I think tools like Buffer are so useful! Not only can you use Buffer to set up Tweets and Facebook updates for new and archived posts but you can also use the analytics to see how many click throughs you get and which updates created the most interactions.

I love blogging - Posting (nearly) every day for a month confirmed to me just how much I enjoy blogging. I definitely found it hard work at times but it was also very rewarding. Having said this, I've decided to go back to posting every other day this month. I've taken on more work recently and as much as I love what I do, I definitely need to spend a little less time sitting at the computer and blogging every other day will allow for that.

How often do you post?
What's your favourite thing about blogging?
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