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My thoughts on Topshop makeup...

My brother kindly bought me a few items from Topshop's makeup collection for Christmas this year. I have been desperate to try it for a while now, but as I already have quite a bit of makeup, I couldn't justify buying it myself just yet! Here's what I received and a little review of each item...
'High Five' - Topshop Cream Blush

Love the cute polka dot packaging - scared to get marks on it though!

My camera picked up the colour fairly well, even though the image is slightly blurred.

I absolutely love this blusher! You simply dot it onto each cheek and blend it in. I find it really easy to blend and the colour is true to the shade you see in the image above. It has a mirror in the lid of the packaging making it perfect for re-applying on-the-go. I'm not sure that this colour is still available on the Topshop website but there are a few other pretty colours that I'm sure will be equally as gorgeous. Visit the site here.
'Popsicle' - Topshop Lip Marker

The colour looks slightly brighter than this ...

I was really excited about trying this lip marker but I have to say I'm thoroughly disappointed with it! The colour of the actual marker tip looks slightly brighter than the shade you see on the image I've taken, however when applying the stain, I fail to see any colour at all! In fact I think the marker may have dried out completely, even before I've had chance to use it. This is really frustrating as the top definitely hasn't been left off. I tried applying the stain, despite the tip of it feeling dry and although there was no visible change of the colour of my lips it did leave a sweet taste, which I personally like - but others may not. It also smells like strawberry sweets, which is really appealing to me, but may put others, who don't like scented products, off buying it. I don't know if I've just been unfortunate and got a dried out marker, or if the product really is of low-quality, but I will not be purchasing any Topshop lip markers in the future.
'Heart of Gold' - Topshop metallic nail polish

I am thrilled with this product! I hadn't had a gold polish for a while, so this shimmery metallic shade from Topshop is a perfect addition to my growing collection. The nail polish pot is a very reasonable size and the actual polish itself is very easy to apply and I've found it does dry quite quickly. It's not at all gloopy and I'm hoping it'll last a while - having only just painted my nails, I can't really say much about that yet! I definitely recommend this shade as it'll go with almost every coloured outfit and adds a lovely shimmer to both every-day and evening wear looks.

Coral Pink make up bag - Topshop

I'd had my eye on this makeup bag and was so pleased that he'd bought it for me! It's a lovely coral pink colour, a great size and features a lovely heart shaped clasp. I've managed to fit all of my essential makeup inside, making it perfect to carry in my handbag, should I want to! Inside there is also a small zipped pocket section, where you can store things like tweezers, or smaller items that you don't want to lose amongst your other items. It's such a good sized bag that you could even use it as a purse or small clutch! I can't seem to find this item on the Topshop website now, however this coral bow makeup bag looks equally as pretty, however I think it may be slightly smaller.

I will definitely be purchasing more blusher and nail polish from Topshop in the future, however I will be staying away from the lip markers, and instead will hopefully find a nice lipstick I like! I'm also hoping to try the gel eye liner - has anyone tried it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Oh I wish it could be Christmas everyday...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas - I certainly did! The day was packed full of presents, family time, Christmas films, too much yummy food, pulling crackers, drinking wine and of course Dr. Who Monopoly.
I decided to wear the Dahlia dress that I bought for NYE, on Christmas Eve too.

Lounge full of presents - this was only a third of it!

Wonderful wrapping paper, from reindeer print to penguins and polar bears.

Oh Hello Jazz!

Party Dress.

Setting the table

It's Thomas!
 I got some really lovely things for Christmas. A lot of the gifts from my family were things I'd actually picked out, and then I got a beautiful surprise from James in the form of a gold locket! I want to share with you some of the gifts I received so I'll break it up over a few posts, or you'll be reading until next Christmas. Here's a gorgeous Pink Kettle & Toaster set with polka dot heart jars from Next...
Sugar, Coffee, Tea, Biscuits.

All filled up!

My favourite.

I absolutely love the pearly pink colour! It contrasts nicely with the blue kitchen tiles.

Cute coffee cups from Boots (Thanks Rachael!)
Look out for my next post where I'll be sharing & reviewing the lovely Topshop makeup items I received!

Have yourself a merry little Christmas...

I don't know when I'll next blog, seeing as I'm going to spend time with my family for the next few days. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas - I know I will! 


Ps I finished The OC today - such a beautiful ending - I'm gutted that I've got to the end though. Must find something else to watch now! 

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Not long until Christmas now! I can officially say I'm excited. I thought the butterfly feeling had disappeared, as I didn't really get excited last year or the year before, but this year it's all come back to me!  I can't wait until Christmas eve, when we'll be packing up the car with presents and taking a little drive out to the countryside to spend Christmas with my family in their brand new home. It was our first Christmas period at our new house too, so we splashed out on a few decorations that I'm sure we'll add to every year.
Light-up red& gold glitter presentscrackersselection boxestinselwarming red candlesglitter covered pine cones♥   

♥Our beautiful tree covered in classic red & gold baubles, tinsel, beads and lights

Tomorrow I'm meeting my friend Rachael to catch up and exchange gifts and then having a Christmas curry at mine with all of the girls - I'm not sure how I'm going to fit everyone in my little lounge - at least it'll be cosy! 


Oh so beaut.

I've recently purchased a gorgeous dress from Dahlia at ASOS. I absolutely love it! It's such a gorgeous deep pink colour and features small hearts. I'm planning to wear it on NYE when I host a little gathering at my house. I thought it was perfect because it's dressy, but not too dressy for an evening in with friends. It looks a little creased at the moment, from being packaged in a small bag. I sometimes wish they'd send them out on coat hangers and long hanging bags! I've been looking at the other clothing items on the Dahlia website, and I've fallen in love with their style. They seem very on trend with their designs which have a quirky but cute feel to them. If you're into prints Dahlia certainly has them all, from traditional polka dot prints, to hearts, animal stripes and more unusual designs like rocking horse and cat prints.

I should have taken a photo of the back, as it has a cute little bow! I'll be sure to take photographs when I'm actually wearing the dress. If you're looking for a party dress for NYE I am selling a couple on EBAY over the next few days.

New pieces from Megan Jane Jewellery

I've been so busy with University & work that I've not had time to do any blogging! I am hoping to get everything back on track, now that I have a month off for the Christmas holidays. A little sneaky self promotion here, but I wanted to share my new 'makes' with you, all of which are available @ www.meganjanejewellery.bigcartel.com/
Love Pearl Bracelet £2.99 Megan Jane Jewellery

Personalised Name Bracelet - Currently taking orders - £3.25
Megan Jane Jewellery

Butterfly Earrings £3.99 Megan Jane Jewellery

Butterfly Necklace £4.50 Megan Jane Jewellery

Humming Bird Crystal Necklace £3.99 Megan Jane Jewellery
(One of my favourites!)

Wine Coloured Rose Ring £2.00 Megan Jane Jewellery

Mechanical Heart Necklace £3.99 Megan Jane Jewellery

White Rose Glitterball Earrings £3.99

There's still plenty of time to put an order in before Christmas. Check out my facebook page and twitter for discount codes over the festive period.

I am currently offering free delivery on orders over £10 until the New Year. Simply enter FREESHIPPING10 at checkout.
Let me know which piece is your favourite in the comments below!


Christmas List

Dear Santa, James or anyone else who fancies buying me a Christmas present this year. Here are a few gift ideas.
Cath Kidston Shopper Bag £26 ASOS
Image belongs to www.asos.com

Exclusive Vintage Meryl Rhinestone Necklace £21 Rock n Rose
Image belongs to www.rocknrose.co.uk

Blazer £34.99 H&M
Image belongs to www.hm.com

ASOS Dress with Gold Pearl Detail £45
Image belongs to www.asos.com

These are just a few things on what is a very long wish list! I've just found so many dresses on ASOS that I absolutely love, so I'm thinking the next post will feature them!

What's on your Christmas list?

Just blurted out 'Uni is the only thing in my life that's making me unhappy.'

It's true though.
I'm lucky enough to have found the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, at an early age.
I've got a wonderful family who I miss when I'm not with them.
I have a lovely bunch of besties, and although they're spread around the country, when we get together it's like we've never been apart.
I've recently started a new job and I absolutely love it. Writing is my thing.
I have a fun hobby - jewellery making - which keeps me entertained!

Hurry up graduation.

Goodbyes xo

Nottingham, UK
It was my last day working at the restaurant today! I feel quite sad that I've left because it was such a lovely place to work & I've really enjoyed being part of the team for just over a year. Made some lovely friends who I know I'll stay in touch with. They bought me a beautiful bunch of flowers & a bottle of rose, and signed a 'Thank You' card for me, which was so sweet. I will keep the card in my memory box, for me to look back on in the future. My lovely friend Lou bought some balloon flowers in for me - I was so impressed. A little bit of one popped on the way home in the car though and frightened James while he was driving haha! In other news, I have a lot to smile about, as my neighbours have finally moved out! Not going into detail on here of all the trouble they caused, but lets just say I feel much safer and much happier in my home now. XO

Boudoir Privé October Box

My Boudoir Privé post is a little late this time as I wasn't in the house when my box was delivered and had to wait another week for them to re-deliver it. I received two boxes this month, I'm not sure if it was through my error or the company's, but the other box made a lovely gift for my boyfriend's mum.

I have a couple of favourites in this box! Firstly I absolutely love the eyeliner pen. Compared to my Boujoir 'felt tip' liner pen, this one is much thinner, which appeals to me more. It's also not too pricey at £12. I've used it today and it went on perfectly first time - very happy! I also really love the Memo Paris perfume tester that I received. The 'Les Echappees' scent is really sweet and feminine, which is the sort of perfume I tend to go for!

Other items:
The body butter is lovely, it is easy to rub in and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth, as opposed to greasy. I have so many different body butters, so this is another one to add to the collection. God knows how I'll get through them all!

I'm not really a huge fan of face masks, so the Cetuem illuminating mask didn't really get me excited. I tried it out today and didn't feel a huge benefit after washing it off, however if it does clear up my skin a bit, it'll be my new best friend. I do like the cream though! It's not too heavy or greasy and leaves your skin feeling smooth.

Now I was going to give the Leonor Greyl a bad review, but I'm still unsure about it. I put it on for 5-10 minutes before washing my hair, like the leaflet told me to, but instead of looking nourished and healthier when it came to drying my hair, my hair simply looked greasy. It was so bad that I had to go back and wash my it again - which frustrated me to the max. This time it turned out fine, so I'm wondered whether I used too much of the product, or if I didn't wash it all out or that it perhaps just doesn't suit my hair. I'm going to give it another go in the next few days incase it was my mistake and not the product.

Last but not least is the Rose Salve from Rose & Co. I'm not really into rose scented products, however that aside the salve is lovely. It's apparently multi-purpose so you can use it to tame your brows, gloss your cheeks or apply it to dry skin, as well as to chapped lips. I think I will definitely use mine as a lip balm, however I did put a small amount on each cheek before applying my blusher and it added a lovely light-reflecting shimmer to them.

I am not a beauty expert, these are simply my opinions on this month's BP box. I have to say that the box has impressed me again this month, however next month I am going to a Feel Unique box, purely just to give it a try. I can't really justify subscribing to more than one box at a time - if I could I would - trust me! I can definitely see myself subscribing to BP again in the future.


Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to twitter user: @baile1kim1 who's the winner of my Love Birds necklace giveaway!

I will send your necklace out once you've sent me your address via twitter dm.
I hope you love it!!!

Thanks to everyone that took part! I intend to hold another giveaway soon, but this next one will last a little longer to give more people a chance to get involved.


A night to remember...

Here are a few pictures from my 21st Birthday party which I shared with three of my best friends, Emily, Sarah and Kate. I had an amazing time and pretty much ended up dancing the night away. I'm also very proud as I managed to keep my heels on for most of the night - massive achievement for me there. Although I had quite a few Cosmopolitans I managed to stay sober enough so that I could remember the whole night, which is just what I wanted!
There were so many cameras pointing at us, that we didn't know which way to look! 

Emily, Sarah, Kate and I - The Birthday Girls!

Smiley Smiley.

Rachael && I