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Random ramblings

Stylish hmm? Thanks Mum.
I do have to admit that I'd quite like a pair of floral trousers now. Not sure they'd look quite as cute though?

Can't believe I turn 21 in a month and three days time (yes I'm counting) quite excited as it's considered a 'big' birthday, but I think after this birthday I'd just like to stay 21 please! I've got a birthday party planned with three of my besties, as we all turn 21 within a few days of each other. Excited. Definitely need to start planning that birthday dress though. Any suggestions?

Apologies for such a short post - I'm currently tucked up in bed (yes it's only 20:50) feeling sorry for myself as my summer cold has returned for another year. What a delight.

A night with my favourites

Family day, Work, Eat, Sleep, Work, Eat, Party, Sleep, Tidy up, Eat, Work, Sleep
I’ve had quite a busy weekend at work but I still managed to squeeze in a night out with my besties on Saturday night. My friend Charlotte is leaving to study in Milan for a year so we all got together (for the first time this summer) and headed to a couple of places in town! I had a lovely night but it was cut short because my feet were being murdered by my gorgeous New Look wedges - it won't stop me wearing them again though.
I begin my work experience placement tomorrow, feeling quite excited, but very nervous!

A peek inside: My Trinket Box

Just incase you didn't know already, I absolutely love jewellery. Although I design and make pieces myself, I do still like to collect pieces from other handmade sellers, as well as from high street fashion stores and jewellery shops. Here's a little peek at the jewellery inside my gorgeous Laura Ashley trinket boxes...
1. Floral Linked Bracelet - Megan Jane Jewellery
2. Swan double ring - Diva for Miss Selfridge
3. Pink Heart Earrings - Diva for Miss Selfridge
4. White Birdcage Necklace - Megan Jane Jewellery
5. Fashion Pearl Long Necklace - Accessorize
6. Swan Ring - The Jewellery Box
7. Fox Necklace - Megan Jane Jewellery
8. Beaded Dangly Earrings - Diva for Miss Selfridge
9. Crystal Necklace
10. Coral Rose Earrings - Megan Jane Jewellery
11. Real Pearl Necklace
12. Cream Rose Ring - Diva for Miss Selfridge
13. Heart Locket Bracelet
14. Pink Rose Linked Bracelet - Megan Jane Jewellery

***These stores probably no longer stock the pieces shown here, but I'm sure you can find something just as lovely!***

As you can see a lot of the jewellery I own is from Miss Selfridge. I think the pieces that 'Diva' make for the fashion chain are always so beautiful, and are usually of excellent quality. The style of jewellery that I wear is quite varied, and I choose specific pieces depending on what outfit I'm wearing, for example with an animal print sun dress I would usually opt for bronze coloured jewellery like the beaded dangly earrings and the fox necklace. My favourite pieces have to be the pearl necklace that my boyfriend bought me last christmas, as it's always nice to have the real thing, plus I love pearls because they go with most outfits. I also adore the vintage gold heart locket bracelet as it originally belonged to my Grandma.

What's your favourite style of jewellery? Do you have any 'favourite pieces?' I'd love to hear from you - comment below!

Megan Jane xo

Fresh start.

Pleased to meet you, I'm Megan and I have lost count of the number of times that I've tried to write this blog post. 'Seek My Scribbles' is a place where I plan on sharing snippets of my life with those who choose to stick around after reading this rather unorganised post!

The girl behind the Scribbles....

I'm Megan Jane Hunt, I'm 20 years of age (until October!) and I am from the city of Nottingham.
I live with my boyfriend in a lovely little one bedroom house. I am currently studying a degree in Broadcast Journalism at University and I work part time as a waitress at a french-style restaurant.

Current obsessions...

Jewellery, floral patterns, pastel shades, nail polish, fashion, Gossip Girl, sour skittles, The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder, Glee, social networking, to-do lists, espressos, tea cups, H&M, kitsch homeware, ASOS, lace.

The Jewellery Store...

I run a little online jewellery store named Megan Jane Jewellery. All of the pieces have been designed and made by myself. I have been crafting for just over a year and it is one of my favourite things to do.

Talk to me...

I'm very friendly and love talking to new people so if you run a blog or simply enjoy reading them, be sure to follow me on Twitter (@meganjane03) so we can chat! Alternatively you can email me: meganhunt03@hotmail.co.uk.

If you continue to read my scribbles expect to find...

Every day ramblings, photos, fashion finds, jewellery-making posts, product reviews, and a whole lot more.