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Boudoir Privé October Box

My Boudoir Privé post is a little late this time as I wasn't in the house when my box was delivered and had to wait another week for them to re-deliver it. I received two boxes this month, I'm not sure if it was through my error or the company's, but the other box made a lovely gift for my boyfriend's mum.

I have a couple of favourites in this box! Firstly I absolutely love the eyeliner pen. Compared to my Boujoir 'felt tip' liner pen, this one is much thinner, which appeals to me more. It's also not too pricey at £12. I've used it today and it went on perfectly first time - very happy! I also really love the Memo Paris perfume tester that I received. The 'Les Echappees' scent is really sweet and feminine, which is the sort of perfume I tend to go for!

Other items:
The body butter is lovely, it is easy to rub in and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth, as opposed to greasy. I have so many different body butters, so this is another one to add to the collection. God knows how I'll get through them all!

I'm not really a huge fan of face masks, so the Cetuem illuminating mask didn't really get me excited. I tried it out today and didn't feel a huge benefit after washing it off, however if it does clear up my skin a bit, it'll be my new best friend. I do like the cream though! It's not too heavy or greasy and leaves your skin feeling smooth.

Now I was going to give the Leonor Greyl a bad review, but I'm still unsure about it. I put it on for 5-10 minutes before washing my hair, like the leaflet told me to, but instead of looking nourished and healthier when it came to drying my hair, my hair simply looked greasy. It was so bad that I had to go back and wash my it again - which frustrated me to the max. This time it turned out fine, so I'm wondered whether I used too much of the product, or if I didn't wash it all out or that it perhaps just doesn't suit my hair. I'm going to give it another go in the next few days incase it was my mistake and not the product.

Last but not least is the Rose Salve from Rose & Co. I'm not really into rose scented products, however that aside the salve is lovely. It's apparently multi-purpose so you can use it to tame your brows, gloss your cheeks or apply it to dry skin, as well as to chapped lips. I think I will definitely use mine as a lip balm, however I did put a small amount on each cheek before applying my blusher and it added a lovely light-reflecting shimmer to them.

I am not a beauty expert, these are simply my opinions on this month's BP box. I have to say that the box has impressed me again this month, however next month I am going to a Feel Unique box, purely just to give it a try. I can't really justify subscribing to more than one box at a time - if I could I would - trust me! I can definitely see myself subscribing to BP again in the future.



  1. I really love the Boudior Prive box, MUCH more than the Glossybox, the Glossybox lacks any decent products, in my opinion..

  2. Hi Megan! Thank you for your review of our October Boudoir Beauty Box. We are glad that you like it! Have you booked your FREE skin consultation and relaxing mini facial at the RMK Delicious Skincare Bar for 3rd-7th November? It is availbale at the Birmingham and Manchester Trafford and Exchange stores.