She's so lucky

Apologies for the lack of posting, I have been a very busy-bee! I am now back at University and it's looking like my third (and final!) year is going to be a lot harder than I expected. I am in a new, better frame of mind about University though and I am going to work hard and be as organised as possible to ensure that I do my very best! Now onto the actual post...

I have had a spot of luck recently and have ended up winning two prizes, which obviously I was extremely happy about as I haven't won anything in a long while.

The first was some gorgeous soaps from Nature's Finest Cosmetics which I won from taking part in a giveaway  on a blog called Scarlett London. The soaps are 'Handmade with essential oils' and smell divine. I particularly loved the Gypsy Rose bath tulip that I also won (however used before I took a photo of it - damn!) It was like a bath bomb, which fizzed away in my relaxing bubbly bath and left the petals floating on the top. 

The soaps shown above are £2.50 for 100grams and are available in a range of colours and scents.  
For more information or to buy some gorgeous handmade, natural soaps from Nature's Finest Cosmetics, visit their website by clicking here. 
Thank you to Scarlett & Nature's Finest Cosmetics for my lovely prizes.

The second prize that I won, just the other day, was a 2GB 4th Generation iPod shuffle. After purchasing my birthday dress in Lipsy on Saturday I was given a 'golden ticket' which had a code on that you had to type in on their Facebook page. I was so excited to have won a prize, you ought to have seen my beaming smile. I do already have an iPod (nano) so I am not quite sure what to do with the shuffle yet, but I am still pleased to have won a prize, so thank you Lipsy!

Lets hope I stay lucky! xo
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  1. Thank you for including me in your post! Glad you liked the goodies and well done for winning the ipod nano! :)
    Good luck at uni this year, am terrified that I'm going next year!

  2. You're welcome Scarlett and thank you!
    Where have you applied to? You'll be absolutely fine! xo