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Christmas List

Dear Santa, James or anyone else who fancies buying me a Christmas present this year. Here are a few gift ideas.
Cath Kidston Shopper Bag £26 ASOS
Image belongs to www.asos.com

Exclusive Vintage Meryl Rhinestone Necklace £21 Rock n Rose
Image belongs to www.rocknrose.co.uk

Blazer £34.99 H&M
Image belongs to www.hm.com

ASOS Dress with Gold Pearl Detail £45
Image belongs to www.asos.com

These are just a few things on what is a very long wish list! I've just found so many dresses on ASOS that I absolutely love, so I'm thinking the next post will feature them!

What's on your Christmas list?



  1. The necklace is so pretty :) I have a very similar H&M blazer on my list x