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Goodbyes xo

Nottingham, UK
It was my last day working at the restaurant today! I feel quite sad that I've left because it was such a lovely place to work & I've really enjoyed being part of the team for just over a year. Made some lovely friends who I know I'll stay in touch with. They bought me a beautiful bunch of flowers & a bottle of rose, and signed a 'Thank You' card for me, which was so sweet. I will keep the card in my memory box, for me to look back on in the future. My lovely friend Lou bought some balloon flowers in for me - I was so impressed. A little bit of one popped on the way home in the car though and frightened James while he was driving haha! In other news, I have a lot to smile about, as my neighbours have finally moved out! Not going into detail on here of all the trouble they caused, but lets just say I feel much safer and much happier in my home now. XO

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