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My thoughts on Topshop makeup...

My brother kindly bought me a few items from Topshop's makeup collection for Christmas this year. I have been desperate to try it for a while now, but as I already have quite a bit of makeup, I couldn't justify buying it myself just yet! Here's what I received and a little review of each item...
'High Five' - Topshop Cream Blush

Love the cute polka dot packaging - scared to get marks on it though!

My camera picked up the colour fairly well, even though the image is slightly blurred.

I absolutely love this blusher! You simply dot it onto each cheek and blend it in. I find it really easy to blend and the colour is true to the shade you see in the image above. It has a mirror in the lid of the packaging making it perfect for re-applying on-the-go. I'm not sure that this colour is still available on the Topshop website but there are a few other pretty colours that I'm sure will be equally as gorgeous. Visit the site here.
'Popsicle' - Topshop Lip Marker

The colour looks slightly brighter than this ...

I was really excited about trying this lip marker but I have to say I'm thoroughly disappointed with it! The colour of the actual marker tip looks slightly brighter than the shade you see on the image I've taken, however when applying the stain, I fail to see any colour at all! In fact I think the marker may have dried out completely, even before I've had chance to use it. This is really frustrating as the top definitely hasn't been left off. I tried applying the stain, despite the tip of it feeling dry and although there was no visible change of the colour of my lips it did leave a sweet taste, which I personally like - but others may not. It also smells like strawberry sweets, which is really appealing to me, but may put others, who don't like scented products, off buying it. I don't know if I've just been unfortunate and got a dried out marker, or if the product really is of low-quality, but I will not be purchasing any Topshop lip markers in the future.
'Heart of Gold' - Topshop metallic nail polish

I am thrilled with this product! I hadn't had a gold polish for a while, so this shimmery metallic shade from Topshop is a perfect addition to my growing collection. The nail polish pot is a very reasonable size and the actual polish itself is very easy to apply and I've found it does dry quite quickly. It's not at all gloopy and I'm hoping it'll last a while - having only just painted my nails, I can't really say much about that yet! I definitely recommend this shade as it'll go with almost every coloured outfit and adds a lovely shimmer to both every-day and evening wear looks.

Coral Pink make up bag - Topshop

I'd had my eye on this makeup bag and was so pleased that he'd bought it for me! It's a lovely coral pink colour, a great size and features a lovely heart shaped clasp. I've managed to fit all of my essential makeup inside, making it perfect to carry in my handbag, should I want to! Inside there is also a small zipped pocket section, where you can store things like tweezers, or smaller items that you don't want to lose amongst your other items. It's such a good sized bag that you could even use it as a purse or small clutch! I can't seem to find this item on the Topshop website now, however this coral bow makeup bag looks equally as pretty, however I think it may be slightly smaller.

I will definitely be purchasing more blusher and nail polish from Topshop in the future, however I will be staying away from the lip markers, and instead will hopefully find a nice lipstick I like! I'm also hoping to try the gel eye liner - has anyone tried it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. I love the look of all those make-up goodies, especially the blusher, I love the make-up bag too, very cute! I hope you had a lovely Christmas dear! xx


  2. Your brother has taste! I love the look of that cream blusher, been wanting to try them out for a while now xx

  3. He definitely had help from my mum to choose bless him! The cream blusher is definitely worth trying and comes is such gorgeous shades!


  4. I seriously love some of topshops's makeup!

    a very Happy New Year to you x