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Sun is in the sky oh why, oh why, would I wanna be anywhere else?

No 'proper' post today as I'm going to LDN to visit my beautiful best friend Emiline, and attend ZOMGbloggersbash on Monday, hosted by the wonderful and talented ladies ReeRee and Zoe. I've been feeling quite ill this week and have been completely miserable, so I'm glad to be doing something a little different, which should definitely cheer me up! I get back on Tuesday so I'm sure I'll blog about the event then, and will get my 'Window Shopping' post done later in the week. Have a great Sunday..and Monday!


Sugar Rush

I am so pleased that pastels shades are the colours to be wearing this coming spring. Pinks, lilacs, peppermint greens and pale washed blues - I don't think you get much prettier colours! Of course Topshop have bought out a collection of 'Pretty Pastels' to die for. Here are a few of my favourite items...
1. Knitted Textured Grunge Jumper 2. Flat Top Plastic Sunglasses 3. GLIMMER Glitter pointed shoes 4. Parma Violet Nail Polish 5. Lace Flippy Tunic 6. Pink Double Handle Chain Bag
It was hard to choose just a few favourites, I'm pretty much lusting over the whole collection. I even adore the Moto Stripe high waist hotpants - but lets be realistic, my thighs aren't going to look 'oh so pretty' in those.

What's your favourite item from the collection?


Images do not belong to me, they are credited to Topshop.com

Another new ASOS dress

WOW. I have found so many dresses I want in the ASOS re-boot sale. I actually added 15 items into my 'saved items,' but decided to just buy one...for now. I chose this gorgeous Mini Boucle dress, which was half price at £22.50.

1. Skater Dress with long sleeve 2.Skater Dress in Tweed 3.60s shift dress 4. Mini Dress with scallop pocket and collar
I've also got my eye on these beauties. Skater dresses are my absolute favourites at the moment! I want them in all colours, patterns and textures!

It's just under a week until the #zomgbloggersbash and I'm so nervous! Not that it matters, but I feel like I'm such a newbie blogger compared to everyone else who will be attending. I'm not sure whether to wear my new ASOS dress or the polkadot skater dress that I bought a couple of weeks ago. Decisions decisions. Although I'm mega nervous, I am really looking forward to the event as it'll be a new experience! I'm also catching up with my best friend while I'm in London. She's going to take me to some lovely places, I'm so excited!

Feel free to leave a comment or tweet me (@meganjane03) if you're attending!


Window Shopping : Urban Outfitters do Valentines

1. Heart Spatula 2. I really love you card 3. Sweet Nothings 4. Stackable Heart Initial Ring 5. Bunny Ring Holder 6. Initial Face Watch 7. Heart Tea Pot 8. Kisslock initial purse
So a slightly different 'Window Shopping' post, and maybe slightly premature for Valentines, but I couldn't help showcasing my favourite items from Urban Outfitter's gift ideas. To be honest, James and I don't really celebrate the day in the way most couples do, no lavish expensive meals or hotel stays. I quite like our Valentine's Days just the way they are. One year we sat in our bedroom and made each other cards, because neither of us had bought one. He designed a creative heart design card, mine was simply a child-like drawing of us - in it's own 'special' way it was a masterpiece. Last year James crashed his motorbike a few days before Valentine's day, and we ended up spending it visiting the hospital, for a check-up, followed by a Zombie movie. So yeah, we don't really do it the way others do, and we don't really do 'presents' but I thought I'd show you some things I liked from U.O - whether they're bought as Valentine's presents or not! As you can see I'm currently favouring initial items. Absolutely love the watch (I don't own a watch) and Kisslock purse (I have a million purses).

How do you celebrate Valentine's day? Or do you just see it as an ordinary day?

PS I know I said we don't do presents but...
I really would like this Mug


Images in this post are credited to Urban Outfitters

No7, Rimmel London & Models Own, more additions to the collection...

Recently I seem to be changing the colour of my nails everyday! They're not in the best condition at the moment (I blame washing up and cleaning) but I'm trying to wait a little longer before I apply some new false ones. The nail polishes below are the latest in my growing collection...
No7 Vivid Violet, Rimmel London Heart on Fire and Urban Purple
(You can get 2 Rimmel London Nail Polishes for £6 @ Boots at the moment)
 I am in love with each of these colours, and what's even better is that they were all a bargain! The Rimmel London polishes were on offer (mentioned above), and I was able to put one of my very many No7 £5 off vouchers towards the purple polish. Every time I spend my No7 vouchers I get given a new one - it's awesome! Although I absolutely adore the colour 'Vivid Violet,' the nail polish seems to be TOO runny, and a little separated - though maybe I just picked a bad one? I had to give it a real good shake and needed to apply more than one coat to get the colour I expected. I'm not to keen on the shape of the No7 bottles and I feel like the brush is too long. It didn't seem to live up to being 'Pigment Rich' either and was messy to apply, but once you've persevered and applied a couple of layers the colour is stunning! As for the Rimmel Polishes, I simply can't find fault with them. I love that they have 'maxi' brushes, as I find them much easier to paint with. The colours are more pigmented, one coat did the job, but I do always like to apply a couple of layers for full effect. Heart on Fire is a bright sexy red, something which every woman should own! The urban purple is a gorgeous deep magenta colour, which is a nice change from your standard red/pink.

For some reason I don't own a pink nail polish - even though I absolutely adore pink! My mum has kindly lent me her Models Own 'Pink Blush' nail polish, which I have fallen in love with. I think I might have to keep this one and buy her a new one. It's a sort of Barbie pink colour - bright, but not neon, and has quite a creamy texture. LOVE IT.

Models Own - Pink Blush
 Speaking of nails, before Christmas I bought these gorgeous false nails from the wonderful Dainty Nails. However after receiving them, as much as I adore them, I decided they just weren't going to suit me, as they're a little too long for my liking. They have never been used and come with the glue and information leaflet. If anyone would like them, I'll charge just £3 and post out for free. Comment below with your email address and I'll be in touch.

One more thing - do you find painting your nails therapeutic? I can remember one of my best friends saying she really enjoyed painting her nails and found it relaxing, however I find it a little frustrating, probably because I'm impatient and something always goes a little bit wrong... How about you?

Adoption UK

This is a little different from my 'usual' posts, so please excuse me. Some of you will know that as well as jewellery making, copywriting and blogging, I am also doing a degree in Broadcast Journalism at Nottingham Trent University. I am in my third year, and as part of my degree I am producing a radio documentary. I have chosen to create a documentary on Adoption in the UK, as although I have never had any experience with the adoption process myself, it is something that really interests me. After figures were released last year showing a decrease in adoptions, I want to find out the cause for this, and gain peoples' views on the adoption process - whether it's too long, too strict and if people are put off by this? It would be so useful to me, and the documentary, to speak to, and interview, anyone who has had any experience of the adoption process, whether they've been adopted, have become a parent to an adopted child, looking to adopt, or work for an adoption agency. If you think you can help me by sharing your story, even if you don't want to be interviewed for my radio documentary, please get in touch by emailing: meganhunt03@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you for your time!

New listings: Megan Jane Jewellery

My latest makes! All available from www.meganjanejewellery.bigcartel.com/

Rabbit Earrings
Silver plated, nickel free. I fell in love with these 3d charms and thought they'd be perfect for a sweet little pair of earrings.

Pearl Pendant. Gold Plated chain. Simple & classy with a vintage touch to it.

Pastel Flower Necklace featuring yellow swarovski crystals.
I absolutely love these pastel colours, which are right on trend (always a plus!)

Queen Bee Necklace featuring a red swarovski crystal, to add a touch of colour (I think it looks great against the gold colours).
Antique-gold coloured heart to add a vintage-y feel to the necklace.

Love Necklace.

Pastel Flower Bracelet. Similar style to the necklace, however it features more flowers and three different coloured crystals (blue, yellow and pink)

Hope you like my newbies, let me know which is your favourite! 

A couple more things...

I just wanted to say a quick Hello & Thank you to new people that have followed. I enjoy reading every single comment that people so kindly leave, and I always make sure I visit your blogs back! If anyone's going to the #ZOMGBLOGGERSBASH please tweet me (@meganjane03) or leave a comment on here. I got my invite this week, I'm so excited, but terrified at the same time, as I can get a little shy.


Window Shopping take 2.

1. Glamorous Navy & White Emma Blouse - Ark Clothing 2. Harriet Red Rocking Horse Print Dress - Dahlia 3. Rainbow Horse Ring - Melody Sweetpea 5. Carved Rose eclectic Alice band - Accessorize

I'm so proud of myself for remembering to stick to my Monday window shopping post! I hope you like the items I've found this week. After posting last week's items I ended up purchasing the MissGuided coat, but in black, it's perfect (will feature an outfit post with it sometime) and the handbag from Accessorize - the best bag I've ever bought! My favourite item out of the collection I've featured this week is the Rainbow Horse Ring by Melody Sweetpea. I bought a rhinestone swan ring from them last year, which I absolutely love! It's big, stunning, and sparkling - so many people have complimented it. The rainbow horse ring has been purchased by Rebecca Ferguson, who actually wore it at one of her auditions for the X Factor! If you like unique, large, eye catching rings, Melody Sweetpea is the place to go!


Girl Crush: Blake Lively

I thought I'd do a few posts on women that I admire, whether it's for their beauty, style, talent, or all three. My first being the beautiful Blake Lively. The images below are taken from a cover-shoot for Glamour last year, and are some of my absolute favourites of the girl everyone wants to be.
I first became aware of Blake, after getting completely hooked on Gossip Girl, when my mum bought me the first series one Christmas. Her character Serena was originally my favourite of the female characters, until Blair stole the show for me, after she began her love affair with Chuck.

I was gutted when Blake didn't get the role as Daisy Buchanan in Baz Luhrmann's re-make of The Great Gatsby (my favourite book from sixth form), as I think Blake would have played her well, and she is certainly similar to how I pictured the character looking. However, I'm positive that Carey Mulligan will do a wonderful job, acting a long side Leonardo DiCaprio, who just happened to date Blake last year. From one gorgeous Hollywood movie star to another, Blake is now dating Ryan Reynolds who she co-starred in the Marvel film Green Lantern with last year. They'd have beautiful children yes?


Rockin' Rockalily

The latest thing I've fallen head over heels for is my beautiful new lipstick from quirky brand, Rockalily. After hearing about Rockalily on Twitter, I was quick to order a beautiful fuchsia pink lipstick called 'Pompadour Pink' as it was described as being great for pale skin tones, which is definitly moi! I've never had a bright pink lipstick either, so that was another reason why this shade stood out for me.
Gorgeous packaging!

The shade I chose. It is blue based and described as having a 'semi -gloss'

It looked so perfect I didn't want to spoil it!

As you can see in the images above it is such a stunning colour! I definitely recommend this shade if you're looking for an eye-catching, bright, fuchsia lipstick, that gives you the perfect pin-up style pout. The colour is long lasting and it doesn't dry out your lips or crack, which is always a bonus! Here are a few images I took of myself wearing the lipstick. I tried it with my new ASOS polka dot dress, as I'm planning on wearing it tonight when I go out for drinks. 

Visit Rockalily to buy your own lipstick, other shades include Rockette Red, Mermaid (limited edition) and Vintage Vixen (limited edition). Don't you just love the product names?

The Rockalily motto is 'life is too short not to wear lipstick' and after purchasing this luscious lipstick, I completely agree



Thank you to everyone that has already sent an email or left a comment about working with me and reviewing some of my jewellery! I've had quite a few requests so far, so it's going to be a hard decision to choose just a couple of bloggers - obviously I'd like to choose everyone but as I never make duplicate jewellery pieces, I can only giveaway so much! Anyway I'm going to have a look at your blogs tomorrow as I have a day off. You still have time to get in touch if you are interested.


Ps, I don't know if you saw the gorgeous coat and handbag featured in my previous post? Well my lovely bad influence of a mother convinced me I 'needed them' today. Bought the coat it black though as I thought it'd be more practical. I'll do a little blog post when I receive them.

Window Shopping

I really enjoy 'window shopping' online, finding items to go on my wish list, which I gradually buy over time, when I have money - if they're still in stock! I've done posts like this before, but I thought it would be nice to make it a regular feature for Mondays.

1. Dyonis Tiered Faux Fur Coat - MissGuided.co.uk 2. Gorgeous Dotty Mesh Overlay Dress - Miss Patina 3. Heart & Bows bottle green carly knit - Ark Clothing 4. Lexie Patent Lady Bag - Accessorize 5. Hearts & Bows Wine Courtney Shirt - Ark Clothing 6. Chunky Lounge Socks with tonal pom poms - Accessorize 
I have had my eye on the Lexie Patent Lady Bag from Accessorize ever since it caught my eye in the shop when I was visiting York. Now it's in the sale it's edging towards being top of my 'to buy list.' However it's competing against the Dotty mesh overlay dress, which is part of Miss Patina's Premium Collection. It looks like such a beautiful dress and I really really hope that it'll be one that I own soon. I'm in love with the vintage style floral print, and love how the lace overlay adds a flirty girly feel to the dress.

I also have a thing for faux fur coats at the moment, after recently purchasing a gorgeous white one from a seller on eBay. This tiered faux fur coat from MissGuided caught my eye, I really like the length of it, but unfortunately they're out of size 10's at the moment - doh!

Which is your favourite item?


I do not own these images. Images credited to linked websites above.

To add to the collection...

Just showing off a new few pieces available from the Megan Jane Jewellery store. Which piece if your favourite?
Pearl Cluster Bracelet

Flower Girl Cameo Necklace

Gold Plated Umbrella Necklace

Vintage style rose earrings - Coming Soon on Megan Jane Jewellery

Black Rose & Pearl Set - Coming Soon on Megan Jane Jewellery
I'm thinking of hosting a giveaway soon and I'm also looking for bloggers to review my jewellery. Comment below if you are interested, leaving your email & blog link so I can get back to you, or email meganjanejewellery@hotmail.co.uk with your blog link.

Excited to hear from you!


ASOS treats

I've been at it again - saving items into my ASOS bag in hope that I'll be able to treat myself again soon...
1. ASOS Skater Dress in Spot Print 2. Evil Twin After Dark Ribbon Knit Top 3. Vero Moda Sheer Skirt in Polka Print
4. Mischa Barton Karla Knitting Bag 5. ASOS Pastel Metal Keeper Super Skinny Belt 6. Paul and Joe Ornamental Nail Enamel in Merrily on High 7. Paul and Joe Ornamental Nail Enamel in O Holy Night 8. Paul and Joe Nail Enamel in Framboise

Blog Sale

Here are a few items I am hoping to sell. The price is listed under each image. If you want to purchase anything please email meganjanejewellery@hotmail.co.uk & I will get back to you with postage cost & more details / answer any questions about the items!

£9.99 ASOS UK SIZE 7 Faux Fur Boots. Only worn a couple of times. High Heel & Platform.
Email: meganjanejewellery@hotmail.co.uk with any questions / for more pics / offers

£3 - BooHoo Skirt UK Size 10

UK Size 10 Warehouse Floral Dress £9.99
Only worn once.

£3 New Look Floral Dress, elasticated bottom, strapless.
Worn a couple of times.

New Year Clear-out

After completing my work tasks today, I decided to face the task I'd been dreading - sorting out my wardrobe. As we only have one wardrobe, I have to share it with James, which is very difficult as he has just as many clothes and pairs of shoes as I do! If you're like me you get half way through sorting things out and wonder why you started in the first place, because its gets sooo messy. I've found a few things in my wardrobe that I'm going to sell as they're lovely, but I don't wear them. I'm planning on listing them on here first to see if any readers want them, before they go on ebay, so look out for tomorrows post. I have a pair of ASOS Autograph boots (fur cuff at top + big heel) & a floral  New Look dress, to name just a couple of things.

I've done as much clearing as I can face today so thought I would have a bath, paint my nails and watch Pretty Little Liars - a new favourite of mine! What do you think to the nails? I'm jumping on the glitter band wagon - so much love for Juicy Jules.

Models Own Juicy Jules over Zoya Marina

I've finally put my Blog Lovin' button on the side of this blog, so please follow if you use it! I've set it as my homepage so I remember to catch up on all of your lovely blogs.