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Adoption UK

This is a little different from my 'usual' posts, so please excuse me. Some of you will know that as well as jewellery making, copywriting and blogging, I am also doing a degree in Broadcast Journalism at Nottingham Trent University. I am in my third year, and as part of my degree I am producing a radio documentary. I have chosen to create a documentary on Adoption in the UK, as although I have never had any experience with the adoption process myself, it is something that really interests me. After figures were released last year showing a decrease in adoptions, I want to find out the cause for this, and gain peoples' views on the adoption process - whether it's too long, too strict and if people are put off by this? It would be so useful to me, and the documentary, to speak to, and interview, anyone who has had any experience of the adoption process, whether they've been adopted, have become a parent to an adopted child, looking to adopt, or work for an adoption agency. If you think you can help me by sharing your story, even if you don't want to be interviewed for my radio documentary, please get in touch by emailing: meganhunt03@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you for your time!

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