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Girl Crush: Blake Lively

I thought I'd do a few posts on women that I admire, whether it's for their beauty, style, talent, or all three. My first being the beautiful Blake Lively. The images below are taken from a cover-shoot for Glamour last year, and are some of my absolute favourites of the girl everyone wants to be.
I first became aware of Blake, after getting completely hooked on Gossip Girl, when my mum bought me the first series one Christmas. Her character Serena was originally my favourite of the female characters, until Blair stole the show for me, after she began her love affair with Chuck.

I was gutted when Blake didn't get the role as Daisy Buchanan in Baz Luhrmann's re-make of The Great Gatsby (my favourite book from sixth form), as I think Blake would have played her well, and she is certainly similar to how I pictured the character looking. However, I'm positive that Carey Mulligan will do a wonderful job, acting a long side Leonardo DiCaprio, who just happened to date Blake last year. From one gorgeous Hollywood movie star to another, Blake is now dating Ryan Reynolds who she co-starred in the Marvel film Green Lantern with last year. They'd have beautiful children yes?



  1. Ah how amazing is Blake? I'm in love with her in real life and as Serena on GG. She's such a style icon.

    xx Missy

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  3. Oh my goodness how beautiful is she in these photos? She is so gorgeous, I love that fame has never had the weight loss effect on her and her figure is so womanly and curvy, beautiful! I adore Gossip Girl and Chuck Bass is my perfect man hehe


  4. thanks for the comment hun :)

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